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Bailey wins Folk Classic Award

Come flood or famine, the second annual Perry Folk Classic was held on August 5.
Chad Bailey accepted the annual Perry Folk Fellowship Award on August 5 at the Weyburn Golf Course.

Come flood or famine, the second annual Perry Folk Classic was held on August 5. There were over 80 golfers who came out to take part in the annual festivities at the Weyburn Golf Course which honours the life and times of Weyburn resident Perry Folk.

The tournament had to be rescheduled due to flooding, but that did not deter organizers Barclay Charlton and Dale Strawford from putting together another great "best ball" tournament. The day concluded with around 130 people attending the dinner/auction.

The foursome of Marshall Bakken, Marcus Biehl, Luke Guest and Reese Tosczak won the 2011 tournament, with the profits of the day's event going towards the Weyburn Junior Golf program. This is a program that Perry felt was important to introduce young golfers at an early age. Perry himself, an avid golfer and sports fanatic, loved the social aspect of most sporting events and would be front and centre making certain everyone would feel welcome.

Perry's family was on hand to present the Perry Folk Fellowship Award. The memorial plaque is presented to a local club patron who has had the most positive influence in the social aspect of the local clubhouse.

The 2011 award winner was Chad Bailey with local PGA golfer Graham DeLaet being named the honorary winner in 2010.

Organizers of the event thanked all those who gave of their time and to those who donated prizes and gifts for the annual memorial fundraising event.