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Carlyle Figure Skating Club members compete in Minot

Carlyle skaters thrived at large meet in North Dakota city
Carlyle figure skaters recently competing at the Magic City Minot event. From left, instructor Dawn Brady, Khloe Brady, Freya Waelchli, Rylee Brady, Peyton Faber, Amilee Waelchli, Brynn Chapman, Tiana Delalleau, Kaylee Mudrewich and assistant instructor Marian Juce. Missing is Kyler Kamp.

CARLYLE - Earlier this month, nine members of the Carlyle Figure Skating Club competed in the annual Magic City Figure Skating competition in Minot, N.D.

More than 100 skaters in all participated, with the Carlyle team being the only competitors from Canada.

The female skaters ranged in ages from five to 16. Several placed either first or second in various age groups and categories. Khloe Brady finished first in Basic 3 elements and the Basic 3 programs. Freya Waelchli was also first in both Basic 3 elements and programs, and second in showcase basic. Rylee Brady was first in pre-preliminary spins and second in showcase.

Amilee Waelchli placed first in pre-preliminary compulsory moves. Brynn Chapman was first in pre-juvenile showcase and second in both excel preliminary plus free skate and compulsory moves.

Tiana Delalleau was second in both open juvenile spins and juvenile showcase. Kaylee Mudrewich won first place in open juvenile showcase and second in open juvenile jumps.

Along with Dawn Brady, Marian Juce is an instructor of the roughly 20 star skaters of the Carlyle Figure Skating Club.

“This is my second year of helping out with the program,” said Juce. “We have had a lot of new faces join the club this year which is always exciting.

“With the pandemic issues behind us, we can enjoy some weekend competitions which included Minot in early February. Our kids are bonding well and are rapidly becoming a team, cheering each other on. I have thoroughly enjoyed the year.”

Nine-year-old Peyton Faber is a busy girl who is on the ice a minimum of five days a week, either figure skating or playing for the U11 Carlyle Cougars minor hockey team.  Her mother Dawn talked about the skating competition in Minot.

“Peyton had such a blast,” said Dawn. “She was a little bummed she didn’t get a medal, but that lasted about half a minute. She was just highly energized for both Friday and Saturday. She told me at one point that she just felt so special about wearing the VIP name tag around her neck. I was so happy seeing her so happy as well.”

Peyton was asked which sport she prefers. She immediately replied by saying “equal”.

Anita Delalleau is the mother of Tiana and has been involved in the Carlyle Figure Skating Club for many years.

“Figure skating has been an important part of my life and I continue to enjoy the sport and helping in any way I can. The provincial skating championships are in Weyburn March 3, 4 and 5 and many of our team will be competing. Our year-ending carnival is set for Sunday, March 19. Please mark that date on your calendars.”