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Enduro race brought the speedway's season to a close

Garrett Stambaugh completed 150 laps in one hour, 20 minutes and 21 seconds to win by nine seconds.
Garrett Stambaugh, left, receives congratulations from Estevan Motor Speedway president Brad Pierson following the Enduro victory.

Cutline: Garrett Stambaugh was the victor in this year's Enduro race. Photo courtesy of Garrett Stambaugh's Facebook page


ESTEVAN - The Estevan Motor Speedway concluded its 2023 season with its annual Enduro race.

Forty-two drivers entered the race, which was to last for 150 laps or 90 minutes, whichever came first.

Garrett Stambaugh finished in top spot, as he completed the 150 laps in one hour, 20 minutes and 21 seconds. He finished nine seconds ahead of Dallas Wanner, who needed 1:20.30 to complete the total distance.

Brady Ganskop was third with a time of 1:21.08.

Every driver who finished in the top 10 completed 150 laps. Rounding out the top 10 were: Garitt Million (1:22.37), Barrett Anderson (1:22.50), Brandon Claude (1:23.08), Evan Erdman (1:23.19), Greg Miller (1:23.59), Carter Gervais (1:26.30) and Serge Yacychyn (1:29.38).

Troy Olson's car was the first one out, as he completed just four laps, while Anderson won the award for the nicest car.