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Holiday happenings

I recently took some time off for a much deserved (at least I thought so) R&R (that's rest and relaxation not reading and running like one of my Facebook friends thought).

I recently took some time off for a much deserved (at least I thought so) R&R (that's rest and relaxation not reading and running like one of my Facebook friends thought).

During my vacation, I was laying by the pool one day and pondered about how times have changed on my yearly jaunt.

I remember loading up the "ghetto blaster" along with two dozen d-sized batteries and an assortment of cd's just so that I could enjoy music during this 'down time'. This paraphernalia weighed a ton and took up one suitcase alone padded with four or so towels. Now as I said, they used up just one suitcase because you also had one for treats, one for bathing suits and shorts, one for tops and dress clothes and of course one for shoes. The idea of taking one for snacks, was that when you returned it would be empty, so you could bring back souvenirs.

Did it matter how many suitcases you had? Not really. I guess they figured that you would only take what you needed. I remember taking four suitcases to Barbados (yes that was many years ago) and nobody batted an eye. There was no concern about weight or content or shape or design of luggage. Who or what screwed this up for us?

Obviously I have become much smarter at traveling and packing but really, it's gotten ridiculous. Some airlines are now only allowing you one bag (of a certain weight) and one carry-on bag (of a certain size) to get you through a week or two. Are you kidding me? Now I'm not complaining for myself (never mind John). I'm thinking about people with babies and small children. How the heck do they have enough room for their stuff, let alone their family's?

I realize items are more compact nowadays which leads me back to the ghetto-blaster. John (oops I mean Santa) bought me a speaker (because I was so good last year) that measures a little smaller than a hockey puck. Into this, I can plug my iPod (that holds 500 songs), my computer, my phone and any other USB device. The speaker easily fits into my handbag and weighs less than a half pound. How great is this? Obviously it frees up an entire suitcase for other things, ha ha!

Unfortunately technology has actually made it easier to keep in touch while away on holidays. This is not necessarily a good thing. For instance, one cannot just leave and say "see you in a week." With Facebook and email, the office never seems too far away. Now the reality of not being able to jump on a plane because something happens at the office still doesn't dissuade the situation from putting a 'crimp' in the ole vacation time.

It's hard to relax and enjoy a pina colada or two knowing that the computer has crashed at work. I can't do anything about it and I feel bad that the staff has to deal with this AND be short-staffed. Just knowing the tension involved, no matter how reliable your staff is, brings you back to the exact place and situation you were trying to get away from. Oh well, there's always next year!

On the lighter side, NHL playoff time is one of my favorite times of the year (especially the first round). I get to come home from work knowing that there are at least four games on any given night. That is just heaven for me. The down side of this is when the team I am cheering for loses out in a series and I have to listen to TSN that evening re-hash every angle of the game to death. I dream about it. I toss and turn. I turn TSN Sportscentre on and off at all hours of the night just to see if the outcome has changed. It's ridiculous. John avoids me like the plague because he doesn't dare try and cheer me up or put his two cents in about the outcome. I often wonder if it would be easier if my team would lose out in the first round so that I can just sit back and enjoy the teams and not waste so much energy on cheering for my team. I guess that's the price you pay for being a sports nut. Next up...NBA!

Maxine's saying: Spring is the beginning of allergy season, and I'm blooming idiots. (I agree).

Pet Peeve of the Week: When parents drop off their underage children (yes children) at the theatre and okay their admittance and then drive off. Seriously. There is a reason the show is rated 14A. Show a little interest in your children's lives instead of giving them $10 or $20 and dropping them off at an inappropriate show just to get them out of your hair for awhile. That's just me....let me know what you think!