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Letter: Is it elder abuse?

Stolen paintings

The editor:

I am 92 years of age and a very trusting soul. In 20 years, I have never locked my art studio doors.

In the last few weeks of August, some of my paintings have slowly disappeared until I finally realized what was happening. Should you see or hear about any Frijo paintings, please let me know.

There is a set of portraits of the wives of Henry the VIII. They were a fun project painted with my good eye covered and using the other eye that has macular degeneration. (Possibly Picasso's malady).

The several other paintings are First Nation related. Portraits of the chiefs – Perry Bellegarde, Poundmaker and others; Chief Sitting Bull, Louis Riel and Chief Dan George, reminiscent of the story of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Should anyone have any clues about the disappearance of these pictures, please call the RCMP or me.

Father Joe Frey,

Kenosee Lake