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Moosomin MLA to seek nomination for Souris-Moose Mountain

Moosomin MLA Steven Bonk will be seeking the nomination to run for the federal Conservative party in Souris-Moose Mountain, after current MP, Dr. Robert Kitchen, said he will not be running.

MOOSOMIN — Moosomin MLA Steven Bonk will be seeking the nomination for the federal Conservative Party in Souris-Moose Mountain in the next federal election. 

This came on the heels of an announcement by current MP Robert Kitchen that he will not be running for re-election after serving as MP since 2015. 

“I am excited to announce that I will be seeking the Conservative Party nomination for the Souris-Moose Mountain riding. I was proud to be co-captain of Pierre Poilievre’s Saskatchewan team during his leadership race. His vision and commitment to conservative principles resonate deeply with the values we hold here in Saskatchewan. I am thrilled at the opportunity to join his team and help replace Justin Trudeau with a prime minister that is a champion for Saskatchewan,” said Bonk in announcing his intentions to run federally.

He noted that he will not be seeking re-election in the provincial election to be held this fall.

“In my role as MLA for the Moosomin constituency, I have established strong relationships with communities throughout southeastern Saskatchewan. My work has given me a deep understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the people of this region,” he said.

Bonk feels the province is well-represented by Premier Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party, who have been dedicated to addressing the needs and priorities of residents.

“However, it’s also crucial that we have a strong, consistent voice advocating for our province at the federal level to ensure our interests are effectively represented in Ottawa,” he said.

“Now, I humbly ask for the continued trust and support of the people in southeastern Saskatchewan so that I may represent and advocate for you in Ottawa. I am committed to being a strong voice for our region, ensuring that our needs are not only heard but prioritized at the federal level.

“I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Robert Kitchen for his exemplary service to the constituents of Souris-Moose Mountain. He has consistently served with honor and integrity, always prioritizing the best interests of our province and nation,” he said.

Bonk was elected as the MLA for Moosomin in 2016 and was re-elected in 2020. He lived in Europe for nearly a decade, where he was the managing director of livestock- based enterprises and worked as a management consultant to help companies grow and solve strategic challenges with the transition to a free market economy, particularly in post-Soviet countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

He communicates in several languages, facilitating his participation on international roundtable discussion panels.