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B.C. private school provides a multicultural experience with extensive academic opportunities

Bodwell High School delivers high-quality education and well-rounded extracurriculars to nurture tomorrow's leaders
Bodwell High School is a co-educational, independent university prep school located in North Vancouver.

When Prince Rupert's Ericka Rothenburger reveals she "was able to see so many people, experience different cultures, and try so many new cuisines," you might think she's recounting an exciting travel experience abroad.

However, she's reflecting on her time at Bodwell High School, a co-educational, independent boarding and day university prep school in North Vancouver. “I didn’t realize how cut off I was to the world and what it had to offer me," she says. 

Since graduating in 2011, Rothenburger has travelled across Canada for her education and career, now working as part of her home city's Port Authority.

For youths whose aspirations include broadening their multicultural horizons and seeking a strong secondary schooling experience to set themselves up for success, Bodwell offers the best of both worlds by providing a location close to home while meeting peers from around the world. 

Ericka Rothenburger, Class of 2011. Photo via: Bodwell High School.

Providing this culturally diverse environment enables students to become active learners and well-rounded citizens.

"For local students, the school offers something unique—an open door to the world," says principal, Stephen Goobie.

On top of its diversity, the school also, of course, provides top-tier education and extensive educational opportunities, including International Baccalaureate (IB-MYP) courses for grades 8 to 10, B.C. curriculum for grades 10 to 12 and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for Grade 12.

Local experiences with a global reach

Beyond classroom learning, students can expect to experience opportunities such as outdoor adventures and city sightseeing, where students relieve stress and bond together amidst North Vancouver's natural and artistic wonders.

These activities provide students with the invaluable opportunity to explore local attractions of both the city and wilderness, build relationships and expand their worldly knowledge. Each exploration helps contribute to a holistic experience of learning and self-discovery.

With a comprehensive approach to education, Bodwell students are continually guided by a counsellor from admission to post-secondary, following a personalized pathway plan for their unique needs and aspirations.  There are 10 counsellors at Bodwell, a student ratio quite unheard of among most schools.

"Bodwell's instructors are B.C. certified, highly educated and are selected from candidates with a focus towards international perspectives," Goobie acknowledges. "So many of our teachers have taught overseas at other institutions, and we try to gather their experience here." 

Graduates, ambitious peers, scholarship opportunities

"Through the years, Bodwell’s Canadian graduates have proven themselves on a global stage, having gone on to high-performing international careers," says Goobie.  

"Some, inspired by the school’s entrepreneurial spirit, have even started their own business ventures. But regardless of where their careers have taken them, each of these students has developed a genuine international perspective."

This aligns with Felix Lam's experience, Class of 2007, who met some of his closest friends during his studies at Bodwell. After graduating from university in Vancouver, he moved to Hong Kong, where friendships developed into business partnerships.

Lam was inspired by his time at the school, finding ambitious peers with similar goals that helped him kickstart his business career.

Felix Lam, Class of 2007. Photo via: Bodwell High School.

“Nearly 98% of Bodwell's graduates gain admission to universities of their choice,” explains Goobie. “We work with renowned institutions such as the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo, creating opportunities and better pathways for our students.”  

Bodwell has showcased these relationships across the world, having hosted recent workshops in Korea and Dubai featuring University of Toronto reps. 

“Closer to home, we’re actively engaging with local institutions like UBC and SFU,” says Goobie.  “And just this year, we’re happy to welcome the Dean of UBC Sauder School of Business, Dr. Darren Dahl, as our graduation guest speaker.”

Bodwell is inviting highly motivated and academically strong qualifying Canadian students to apply for a limited number of entrance scholarships for the 2024-25 school year.

These scholarships are valued at up to $10,000 for day students, and up to $20,000 for boarding students, to help develop a new generation of Canadian students with international reach.

To submit an application for a scholarship or admission, or for more information, visit