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Embarrassment is keeping people with hearing loss from living their best lives

Stigma around hearing aids can be an obstacle to getting treatment
Photo: HearingLife

Aging can be difficult, and no one likes reminders that they’re getting older.

The perception of being viewed as old is preventing many people from getting the hearing help that they need.

“It’s something people tend to let go and put out of their heads until they realize it’s affecting them and their family every day,” HearingLife chief audiologist Jillian Price says.

“I think for some reason there is a stigma that is attached to hearing loss and hearing aids that’s not the same as for vision loss. As we lose our eyesight, which happens to nearly everyone, that stigma isn’t attached. People wear glasses all the time.”

Hearing health is a crucial part of our overall health.

“Hearing loss has been associated with higher rates of depression, anxiety and social isolation,” Price says.

“Hearing connects us to our world. If we have untreated hearing loss, we withdraw because socialization becomes difficult or frustrating, especially in noisy environments.”

Addressing hearing loss early is important for your cognitive health and can help prevent risk for degenerative cognitive diseases such as dementia.

“There’s a huge connection between ears and brain,” Price says.

“The ear just collects the sound, the hearing is actually happening in the brain.”

Fortunately, as hearing technology improves, so are the number of people who are willing to pursue the assistance they need to live their lives to the fullest.

“There’s definitely a shift toward being healthy, active, and living life to its fullest even in your senior years. We’re seeing that attitude much more with people being willing to invest in their health,” Price says.

Photo: HearingLife

​Have you noticed that you have trouble following conversations, especially in noisy environments? Or maybe you’ve been told that you have the volume up too high on the television? Perhaps it sounds like everyone is mumbling lately.

These are all signs of hearing loss, which can be treated.

HearingLife offers free hearing tests and personalized service to help meet your individual treatment needs.

“We heal all the time that our clients had no idea what they were missing,” Price says.

“There’s no risk, so come and give it a try.”

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