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Find your next rewarding career at the City

North Battleford is a progressive employer that offers great benefits
The City works with employees to help them meet their career goals.

If you’re looking for a progressive employer who recognizes the need for a healthy work-life balance, look no further than the City of North Battleford for the next step in your career.

“People might not realize we have all these great benefits at the City for employees and that it’s a fantastic place to work,” Human Resources Coordinator Rae Kadler says.

“We really try to promote a work-life balance here, which is key to the modern work world.”

The goal of the City’s HR department is to empower team members to contribute to the organization’s objectives while achieving their personal and career goals, attracting talented people who can help shape North Battleford’s future.

The City ensures a safe, positive, fair, and ethical work environment that promotes a high-performance culture that enables individuals to maximize their potential.

The health of its employees is an integral part of a productive work environment, and the City supports that through benefits including access to recreational facilities, employee and family assistance programs, wellness days, and more.

The City also works to help employees meet their career goals.

“Our employees are not just a number; they are co-workers who we want to be successful. If someone is trying to advance themselves or branch into the next phase of their career, we like to help them,” Kadler says.

“It is exciting to see the internal career development and advancement that our employees accomplish. We have the best personnel providing the best services, which ultimately is a benefit to our residents." 

The City’s career website is where all open vacancies are posted. Don’t meet all the qualifications? The HR department is more than willing to offer career advice to potential applications.

“If you don’t meet all the requirements, reach out to HR to tell us you’re interested,” Kadler says.

“We’re more than willing to help someone navigate the next steps to be successful in the future.”

To get started in your dream career today, visit