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How to find the hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and budget

HearingLife’s professionals can help find the right hearing solution that meets your needs
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Have you noticed your hearing is not quite what it used to be?

Are you having trouble following conversations in crowded venues? Do you keep reaching for the remote to turn up the volume on your television?

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to invest in your hearing health, the hearing professionals at HearingLife can help you find the perfect solution for your needs and your budget.

“We understand that everybody has different life circumstances,” HearingLife chief audiologist Jillian Price says.

“We will work with people to find what’s best for their budget.”

Hearing aids in Canada range from $1,000 to $4,000 per ear, depending on their functionality and the hearing needs of the wearer.

While hearing aids represent an investment, the hearing professionals at HearingLife can work within your budget to find a hearing solution that meets your needs. They are also able to navigate the subsidies and insurance that you may qualify for to cover the cost of your hearing aids.

All hearing aids purchased at HearingLife come with a 90-day trial period, so there is no risk to trying them out and seeing what a difference they make to your overall well-being.

“Sometimes you just have to experience it for yourself to hear what a dramatic improvement hearing aids can make,” Price says.

Hearing test conducted at the HearingLife Clinic. Photo via HearingLife Canada.

​Regular hearing checkups should be part of your overall wellness routine, especially because untreated hearing loss can have a negative impact on our brain health.

“If we’re struggling to hear every day, that’s a lot of extra work on your brain,” Price says

People with untreated hearing loss have a greater chance of developing dementia. It also can have a negative impact on our personal relationships, with those who struggle to hear increasingly opting to isolate themselves.

“You should love your ears,” Price says.

“It’s your quality of life so you should give your ears the attention they deserve. They do a lot for you, so help them out.”

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