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New generation of hearing aids provides advanced technology to support brain function

Slimmer, sleeker styles have improved function and require less maintenance
Hearing is central to our social life and self-expression, and it’s a vital part of maintaining our physical health, safety and wellbeing. Photo via iStock.

If you’re over the age of 60, getting your hearing checked should be part of your regular wellness routine.

Not only can untreated hearing loss leave you feeling left out during social situations, struggling to make out sounds puts more strain on your brain that can lead to cognitive decline.

“Hearing aids lower the cognitive load and the energy it takes to listen all day, especially for someone with hearing loss,” HearingLife chief audiologist Jillian Price says.

“It puts a lot of extra strain on your brain to fill in the gaps all day.”

Are you having trouble following along with conversations or finding phone conversations muffled? It could be a sign that you require hearing assistance.

Fortunately, bulky, inefficient hearing aids of the past have been replaced by a new generation of sleeker, slimmer styles.

“New hearing aid technology is smaller, more discreet, and more comfortable,” Price says.

“You want the hearing aid to do its job and forget about it.”

Not only is there greater variety in terms of style and selection, new technology mimics the way the brain receives sound to lower the cognitive strain required to process sound.

Checking hearing test results at a HearingLife clinic. Photo via HearingLife Canada.

​“Years and years of research have gone into making these hearing aids better at getting the brain the information it needs so it doesn’t work so hard,” Price says.

“It’s incredible what these hearing aids can do now. It makes the experience for the end user more natural, with better sound quality and performance which essentially gives them back what they’ve lost which is an amazing thing for someone who has struggled for years.”

Not sure if hearing aids are the right fit for you? HearingLife offers free hearing tests, as well as a risk-free 90-day trial period. If you’re not satisfied with your hearing aids for whatever reason, you can return them for a full refund.

“That’s how confident we are that you’re going to notice the improvement in your quality of life and your relationships with your loved ones,” Price says.

“Communication will be better. Less mistakes, less mishearings, better relationships.”

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