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Alternative land use program working

Alternative land use program working

A new program provides area farmers with a different option to garner annual value from marginal wetland areas.

Record crop insurance coverage for producers in 2017

Recently, the Federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced details of the 2017 Crop Insurance Program.

Hanley Co-op Terminal Taking Shape

Work on a high-throughput fertilizer terminal by the town of Hanley is beginning to take serious shape, and officials with the Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) are pleased with the progress on both the local terminal and the similar facility bei

Agriculture This week - Bison reintroduction interesting

While not strictly agriculture, this story is one which intrigued me immediately upon reading about it. Bison have been reintroduced to Banff National Park after a 140-year absence.

Straight cutting canola an efficiency option

“I’ve been straight cutting canola on my farm for over 20-years.” — David Vanthuyne Straight cutting canola for harvest is an option, and it has become a better option because of technological advancements.

Herbicide tolerant weeds growing concern

“Once you see herbicide resistance in a field it’s been there a number of years. You just didn’t notice it.
Education at an agriculture equipment dealer

Education at an agriculture equipment dealer

Traditionally, agriculture equipment dealers are a place to buy agriculture equipment.

Herbicide resistant weeds

The 2017 planting season will soon be upon us. Producers are making final decisions about the types of crops to be grown this year.
Below normal snowpack impacting spring runoff outlook

Below normal snowpack impacting spring runoff outlook

The Water Security Agency (WSA) recently released the 2017 preliminary outlook for spring runoff. Most of the province received below normal snowfall resulting in a below normal runoff potential across most of Saskatchewan.

Agriculture This Week - Science needed to meet climate change

The year 2050 may seem to be far off from the perspective of 2017, but three decades in the grand scheme of things is a blink of the eye.