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Ways to improve preserving bovine eggs

Preserving genetic material is an important way to ensure the long-term viability of Canada’s agriculture sector, because it ensures scientists will have diverse genetic material for future breeding, according to a release from Agriculture and AgriFo

Farmers Edge appoints new chief technology officer

Farmers Edge has appointed Kevin Grant, PhD, as chief technology officer (CTO) to drive the Company’s existing precision agriculture technology platform and accelerate the potential of its big data capabilities.

Crop Logistics Working Group identifies efficiencies in grain handling system

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced in July that the Crop Logistics Working Group (CLWG) has completed its final report, identifying ways to improve the grain handling and transportation system across Canada.
Agriculture awareness – we all have a part to play

Agriculture awareness – we all have a part to play

In today’s world of instantaneous social media where comments, pictures and video clips can be made and sent around the world within seconds, information is powerful.

Limiting contamination from pesticide spills, splashes and rinses

From AgriFood Canada Pesticides are commonly used on most traditional farms around the world to control harmful insects and weeds.

New methods needed for farmers to co-exist with wildlife

Farming and wildlife have not always had the best of relationships. It often comes down to having two realities with divergent needs. A duck needs a wetland to nest near.

Supplemental grazing for late fall and winter

Grazing of crop residue and stockpiled forages can be supplemental feeding options in addition to swath grazing annuals, grazing corn, or bale grazing.

First phase in the development of an agricultural water management strategy

On September 1, Herb Cox, the minister responsible for the Water Security Agency, announced new drainage regulations in Saskatchewan.

Agriculture’s best days are ahead

Some people look with nostalgia at the “good ol’ days” thinking that the world would be a better place if we could just go back in time, give up on technology and return food and farming to the way it used to be.
Riding camp

Riding camp

Camp Little Trotter, was held Sept. 3 at Evermoor Farm west of the city with camp 1 and 2 this year. It was the first camp of the new school year. Here Sophie Anderson on Kharema II practices for Western Pleasure.