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Boot, Skate & Boogie carnival features talents of Canora Skating Club skaters

The carnival wrapped up an exciting season for the Canora Skating Club, with all 26 registered skaters "making lots of progress."

CANORA - In a clever take-off on the popular song, Boot Scootin' Boogie, the Canora Skating Club presented its 2024 carnival featuring the theme, Boot, Skate & Boogie.

Wrapping up her sixth and final year as club president, Heather Chabun observed, “All the kids had a great season in my opinion, lots of progress made for each of them.” A total of 26 skaters were registered for the past season.

Before the March 24 show, remarks written by Coach Rebecca Trost were delivered by Lauren Mentanko, MC for the program, who invited Chabun to the ice surface.

“Coach Becca and the Canora Skating Club want to say a special thank you to Heather for her dedication to the club for the past six years,” said Mentanko. “She has gracefully executed the role of not only president, but many other board positions on her own, never skipping a beat, and always showing up with a smile. Our club is still in operation because of her, and we will miss her so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we wish you and your family all the best. Please give a much-deserved round of applause for Heather Chabun.”

Fittingly enough, the show opened with Ashton Lamb skating to Boot Scootin’ Boogie.

Performing to Chattahoochee was a five-member group that included: Brooks Nykolaishen, Andersen Coleman, Brayden Macpherson, Tavrick Maciborski and Shiandro Danyluk.

A group of eight skaters performed to Man! I feel like a Woman: Rachel Mentanko, Kaydence Goulet, Talia Collingridge, Mahra Collingridge, Harper Chernoff, Ashton Lamb, Olivia Owchar and Keira Owchar.

Bringing some flash to the proceedings, skating to Let’s go to Vegas were: Ella Nykolaishen, Sylvie Hay, Emma Ostafie and Zoe Daku.

A solo skate featured Rachel Mentanko performing to You Belong with Me.

A duet to Cowboy Take Me Away was skated by Lena Scheltgen and Jessica Petrychyn.

Featuring an activity enjoyed by many in the Canora area, Kaydence Goulet and Talia Collingridge performed to Fishin’ in the Dark.

Just before the intermission, and again near the end of the program, guest skater Damien Bueckert performed for the Canora audience.

“Damien is 20 years old and has been skating since he was five” said Heather Chabun. “He is a member of the Team Saskatchewan Elite Team. To become a member of the Elite Team, you must be an athlete who is fully committed to figure skating, achieving top placements at their respective levels at Sectionals, and be capable of qualifying to the National Skating Championships. Damien has now competed at two National Skating Championships representing Saskatchewan.”

Mahra Collingridge opened the second half of the program following the intermission with a solo skate to The Kind of Love We Make.

Emily Mentanko and Chloee Abbott followed with a duet to Fancy Like.

Harper Chernoff gave a solo performance to Cadillac Ranch.

Skating a duet to Country Girl (Shake it for me) were Olivia Owchar and Keira Owchar.

Four young gentlemen performing to Life is a Highway were: Jake Shewchuk, Jebidiah Collingridge, Lev Blauva and Wyatt Owchar.

For the show finale, all the skaters hit the ice and performed to The Git Up.

Outgoing President Heather Chabun expressed appreciation to everyone in attendance “for joining us today to celebrate our skaters’ achievements, as another season ends. It takes many hands to prepare for the ice show and I am so grateful to the parents and fellow executive members for all their help along the way. We would also like to thank those who volunteered their time as grogram assistants, helping our coach Becca week after week with the new and younger skaters. They are a huge help, and we couldn’t run things as smoothly without them.

“A big thank you goes out to our guest skater Damien Bueckert as well, for making the trip to join us today and for sharing his talent with us to make this day extra special. We wish you all the best as you continue on your skating path.”

“This is my sixth and final year running the club, and I wish to extend my best wishes to the awesome lady who will be taking my place next season, Cecilia Keinick. I know you will do great!

“Finally, I’d like to thank our coach Rebecca, who pours so much time, effort, and love into making our club a great place to learn and have fun.”

Providing valuable service as program assistants for the past season were: Rachel Mentanko, Mahra Collingridge, Chloe Doogan, Tanner Kopeck and Ashton Lamb.

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