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Canora Ukrainian dancers mine gold at Yorkton competition

Out of 27 events, Canora Veselka Ukrainian Dancers won 21 gold medals at the Yorkton Kalyna Ukrainian Dance competition.

CANORA - At the Yorkton Kalyna Ukrainian Dance competition held from April 26 to 28, Canora Veselka Ukrainian Dancers performed at a consistently high level, with an impressive haul of 21 gold medals in 27 events.

Individual, duet and trio results

Jack Craig and Makayla Heshka won gold for their Volyn Duet with a score of 92.

Heshka also earned bronze with a 91 for her Bukovynian solo.

Maddy Dutchak and Rhianna Stefanyshyn took gold for a 92 in Volyn duet.

Danielle Dutchak scored 92 in the Polissia solo, good enough for a gold medal.

Sisters Danielle, Madison and Hannah Dutchak won gold for their Volyn trio with a score of 91.

Jack Craig and his sister Greta scored 91 to win gold for their Poltava duet.

A score of 89 earned a silver medal for Josh Prychak and Cassidy Wolkowski in the Poltava duet.

Group results

For the Pryvit Dance, the Intermediate 2 and Seniors combined group won a gold medal with a score of 91, they won another gold in Volyn with a 92, and a third gold in Hopak with a score of 93. The girls from the same two groups won gold with a score of 92 for their Transcarpathian.

The combination of Junior 3 and Intermediate 1 groups scored 92 in Poltava to win gold, and 91 for their Volyn, good enough for another gold medal.

The Boys Group won gold for their Sword Dance Poltava with a 92 score.

The Novice group, the youngest dancers, scored 90 in Poltava and earned a gold medal

The Junior 1 group won two medals: gold for a score of 91 in Transcarpathian, and silver for an 88 earned for their Poltava.

The Junior 2 group came home with a gold medal for their Poltava with a score of 91, and two silvers for identical 87 scores in Hutzul and Polissia.

The Junior 3 group grabbed a pair of gold medals for a 94 result in Transcarpathian and a score of 93 in their Bukovynian.

The Intermediate 1 group went three for three, winning a trio of gold medals with scores of 94 for their Hutzul, and a pair of 93 scores in Bukovynian and Polissia.

The Intermediate 2 group earned a silver for their Bukovynian by scoring 89.

With a score of 91, the Seniors won a gold medal for their Character Dance.

This was the final competition for Canora Veselka Ukrainian Dance this season.

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