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Canora goes all Cinco de Mayo!

Hundreds of visitors from Canora and the surrounding area came through the doors to the festively decorated Sylvia Fedoruk Centre on May 3 for the second Cinco de Mayo to enjoy the displays and the fun atmosphere.

CANORA - After Canora’s first Cinco de Mayo celebration last year, hundreds of visitors from Canora and the surrounding area returned to the festively decorated Sylvia Fedoruk Centre for the second annual event on May 3.

Hosted by the Canora Tourism Fundraising Committee, the event went through a bit of tweaking since last year to improve the experience for everyone, according to Brandi Zavislak, community development officer and committee member.

“We had record-breaking attendance this year,” said Zavislak. “Last year, most of the space was full of vendors. This year we had fewer vendors with more space for seating, as people had told us they wanted to enjoy the food, check out a few vendors, but also have room to sit and visit.”

Zavislak said they had about 50 vendors lined up initially. A few cancelled due to the wet and cool weather, since they had intended to set up their displays outside.

Another addition to Cinco de Mayo this year was the bouncy castles, which allowed parents to bring their children to the event and give them a fun activity.

Zavislak said many in attendance were pleased to see more food vendors this year, offering a wide variety of tasty items.

“We had lots of positive compliments on the food and the fun environment at Cinco de Mayo this year,” she said. “Lots of planning and work goes into hosting these events. It brings tourism into our community, helps businesses, and raises money for local improvements in Canora. We are a hardworking group of people who are proud to bring good events to town.”

Cinco de Mayo raised just under $9,200 this year, “Awesome for a Friday evening event.”

In an upcoming event that is sure to draw a big crowd, Zavislak announced that, “On July 12, Canadian Elite Wrestling will be in Canora for ‘Pandemonium in the Park’ featuring town celebrities during Canora Bloom Fest."

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