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Invermay School News: SADD members hit big city for conference

Six of the Invermay SADD (Students Against Drinking & Driving) Chapter members were selected by Team SGI for the privilege of attending the Provincial SADD Conference in Regina.

INVERMAY - Six of the Invermay SADD (Students Against Drinking & Driving) Chapter members were selected by Team SGI to attend the Provincial SADD Conference held at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Regina. The selected students were: Madeline Glas, Taelynn Maier, Elissa Karcha, Michael Mesias, George Hilario, and Kashton MacLean. Along with them were Ms. Carbno and Ms. Teh to attend the conference. The SADD Chapter received a $500 Evans Twins Memorial Award grant.

Halloween was filled with fun at Invermay School! The SRC worked very hard to prepare a spooky story for students and staff to enjoy. In the afternoon, we had a school wide Halloween parade and loved seeing all the awesome costumes!

The senior girls volleyball team had a very successful season, putting together a record of 15 wins and 12 loses. They attended conferences in Rose Valley on Nov. 4. Thank you to Rose Valley for hosting conferences and your awesome sportsmanship! With a roster of four Grade 10s, three Grade 11s, and two Grade 12s, it was a great season of sportsmanship, getting to know each other as a team, and great school pride. for everyone involved. The drive to improve as individuals and as a team made for some very exciting, rally-filled matches. The girls season came to an end at Conferences on the first weekend in November in Rose Valley. At Conferences, the girls placed third overall. Congratulations to our graduating players, Rachel and Gwyn on having a terrific season!

The SRC has made a challenge for the students to sell over $50 dollars in sales for Mom’s Pantry. So many of the students have succeeded and made it into the top sellers. The top three sellers got a 10-second servery raid. Those winners were: Bailey and Taelynn Maier; Cassidy, Paisley, and Callie Bosovich, and Madeline and Weston Glas. The total sales were over $10,500!  The incentives for the year were $2,500 for the SRC members to be pied in the face, $5,000 for a school-wide movie afternoon, and $8,000 dollars for a school-wide fun day!      

Mrs. Walker has said her farewell to everyone at Invermay School, for her maternity leave. She is very sad to leave Invermay School for a year, but is happy for this new chapter in her life.  

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