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Have couch, will travel

Scouts push couches around Yorkton

YORKTON - If you saw a bunch of youth pushing a couch around the city Saturday, don’t worry it was just the Scouts competing in the sixth ‘not-so-annual’ couch rally.  

Local Scout leader Kent Latimer said this year three teams of Scouts, the local troop and two teams for Regina – about 25 Scouts in total – were pushing couches around the city in search of a number of specific locations. Once they found the spot, they snapped a photo on the couch, and headed to the next location.  

In some cases, the scouts had to have their photo taken with certain people including an RCMP officer, firefighter and even a local newspaper editor. 

“It’s just a fun day to get out and explore Yorkton,” said Latimer in a preview article on the event.  

The key was the youth have to push, pull, or somehow get the couches around the city under their own power.  

It had to be Scout-powered, explained Latimer.