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87 year-old meets challenge of walking ten miles to celebrate her birthday

She did it!

PELLY - On October 13, Margaret Waselenko of Pelly turned 87. The Saskatchewan senior was featured earlier this fall in The Kamsack Times with a goal to walk a distance of 16 kilometres (10 miles) from her hometown to the neighbouring town of Arran.

“When the story came out in the paper, I received so many calls,” exclaimed Waselenko. “The phone just kept ringing for days. It was overwhelming – but a lovely surprise.”

“I was really excited to challenge myself on my actual birthday,” said Margaret. “We started out around 9 a.m. The wind from the east was really cold, so we decided to drive to Arran and reverse the direction of the walk so the wind would be at our backs. We knew we had to get going early, as the forecast called for rain that day.”

Margaret was joined by her son, Robert Waselenko of Canora, as well as her friend and walking buddy, Darlene Miller, of Pelly. Her brother, John Lange, followed along in his car, offering snacks to the group as they made their way on the chilly October morning.

“People stopped and asked if we were having troubles,” said Waselenko with a chuckle. “I was a bit surprised. I don’t think I would have stopped if I saw a bunch of hoodlums walking along the road.”

Margaret said her son, Robert, wasn’t accustomed to long distance walking and he wasn’t sure if could make it.

“But we all made it just fine,” said Margaret. “I was very happy he offered to join his old mom on a walk. It took us three hours and twenty minutes – which was ten minutes better than my time the previous year!”

Waselenko said as soon as the group arrived at her Pelly home to share some lunch, the rain started to fall.

“It continued to rain all afternoon and all day the following day,” offered Margaret. “It was a wonderful birthday and I’m just so proud of us all.”