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Canora Cobras fall to Kamsack Flyers in U13 playoff matchup

Both sides demonstrated offensive prowess.

KAMSACK — In a spirited U13 hockey matchup at the Broda Sportsplex arena, the Canora Cobras faced off against the Kamsack Flyers on March 22. The game, marked by intense competition, showcased the talent and determination of young athletes from both teams during their hotly contested best-of-three D side final playoff series

Both sides demonstrated offensive prowess. In the first period, the Canora Cobras managed to secure two goals, courtesy of Kenzee Kopelchuk and Kasen Heshka, while the Kamsack Flyers responded with two goals from Quin Summers and Liam Shabatoski.

The second period saw a flurry of goals, with the Canora Cobras adding two more to their tally, credited to Heshka and Angel Sliva. However, the Kamsack Flyers surged ahead with four goals, with Liam Shabatoski and Quin Summers leading the charge, supported by teammates Rumor Peeteetuce and Reed Woodworth.

The final period saw the Kamsack Flyers maintaining their momentum, adding two more goals to their total, both scored by Quin Summers and assisted by Carson Chernoff, Liam Shabatoski, and Reed Woodworth.

In the goaltending department, Mason Reine guarded the net for the Canora Cobras, while Flynn Ruf stood between the pipes for the Kamsack Flyers, showcasing their skill and resilience throughout the match.

Ultimately, the Kamsack Flyers emerged victorious with a final score of 8-4 over the Canora Cobras, demonstrating their strength and teamwork on the ice, to take a 1-0 lead in the series. After the series shifted to Canora, the Cobras won Game 2, but the Flyers battled back to win the third and deciding game to take the series, 2 games to 1, and the D side championship banner that goes with it
Scoring Summary:
1st Period:
Canora Cobras: Kenzee Kopelchuk (assisted by Kasen Heshka), Kasen Heshka (Unassisted)
Kamsack Flyers: Quin Summers (assisted by Morgan Lawless), Liam Shabatoski (assisted by Rumor Peeteetuce)

2nd Period:
Canora Cobras: Kasen Heshka (Unassisted), Angel Sliva (Unassisted)
Kamsack Flyers: Liam Shabatoski (assisted by Rumor Peeteetuce), Quin Summers (assisted by Reed Woodworth), Quin Summers (assisted by Carson Chernoff), Liam Shabatoski (Unassisted)

3rd Period:
Kamsack Flyers: Quin Summers (assisted by Carson Chernoff), Quin Summers (assisted by Liam Shabatoski and Reed Woodworth)