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Full executive found: Kamsack Seniors Centre to stay open

Electing a president and vice-president to their executive means the Kamsack Seniors Centre will stay open.
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A president and vice-president have been found for the Kamsack Seniors Centre

KAMSACK — A president and vice-president were elected and the notice of motion to close the Kamsack Seniors Centre has been rescinded.

At a “do or die” meeting at the Centre on June 13, Denise Podovinnikoff was elected president, and Lori Batchelordor, vice-president, according to Russell Brunt, the past president.

Failing to find a president and vice-president for the during a meeting on May 30, supporters of the facility were told that they had until June 13 to fill those positions or be faced with closing the Centre and offering the building and its assets for sale.

The election of a president and vice-president and the notice of motion were the only items on the agenda, Brunt explained. The two persons newly elected to the executive committee reviewed their responsibilities.

Elected to the executive committee during a meeting on May 12 were: Wally Sugawara, treasurer; Lise Rochefort, secretary, and Lorraine Thomas, Betty Salahub, Dorothy Pfiefer, Mable Laine and Linda Cherwenuk, directors.