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Golf tournament honors Kamsack golf champion’s 85th birthday

Local community members and golf enthusiasts gathered on a cloudy morning to pay tribute to Scotty Cote during a golf tournament held at the Kamsack golf course.

KAMSACK - Local community members and golf enthusiasts gathered on a cloudy morning to pay tribute to Scotty Cote during a golf tournament held at the Kamsack golf course. The event, which took place on the 19th of August, brought together 96 golfers from all across the province and neighbouring regions to commemorate the contributions Scotty Cote has made to the local sports community.

Scotty Cote was the winner of the first Saskatchewan Indian Golf Championship hosted on the 9th and 10th of October, 1971 at the Cooke Municipal Golf Course in Prince Albert.

The morning started with friendly exchanges as participants and organizers gathered at the venue. Conversations revolved around the upcoming tournament, the weather, and personal experiences.

Scotty Cote and his daughter Helene Cote mingled with the participants, discussing the day's schedule and logistics. As the conversations progressed, topics shifted between golf, hockey, and family. Helene Cote mentioned that “Scotty’s children and grandchildren are all athletic, a lot of them are involved in sports like hockey. He’s always supported them and the local sports community.

The organizers provided details about the tournament format, emphasizing the morning and afternoon waves, and explained the rules of the day, including course markers and specific tee placements.
An opening prayer was offered to honour the creator by Reggie Severight, followed by words of appreciation for Scotty's contributions. Severight expressed gratitude for his positive influence on the community, highlighting his role in supporting young athletes in both golf and hockey.

The tournament officially began with Scotty making the first swing, an excellent shot that disappeared into the green grass and gray morning. Participants showcased a mix of excitement and determination as they embarked on their rounds. As the day unfolded, conversations were dotted with discussions about strategy, club choices, and the occasional banter.
Throughout the tournament, Scotty engaged in conversations with fellow golfers, sharing stories about his experiences and fond memories of his time in sports. His commitment to promoting athletics and his dedication to the community were evident in the interactions he had with participants.

Despite the overcast weather, the tournament concluded on a positive note, with participants expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to honour Scotty's legacy and celebrate their shared passion for sports. The event highlighted the impact that sports can have on a community, fostering connections and camaraderie among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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