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Kamsack Fuel Good Day partners announced

Legacy Co-op is gearing up for its much-anticipated annual Fuel Good Day, which is scheduled to run on Sept. 19.

KAMSACK — Legacy Co-op is gearing up for its much-anticipated annual Fuel Good Day, which is scheduled to run on Sept. 19. The Legacy Co-op recently made a noteworthy announcement regarding its Fuel Good Day partners for this year, as disclosed in a news release on Aug. 31.

During Fuel Good Day, the Legacy Co-op C-Stores in both Yorkton and Kamsack will be contributing 10 cents per litre of fuel sold to support local community groups.  Among the beneficiaries of this initiative are: 103 Margaree Navy League Yorkton, Churchbridge Fire Rescue, Yorkton SPCA and Rebel Cat Rescue.

Individuals can also make a contribution between the Sept. 12 and 19 at any Legacy Co-op C-Store in Yorkton or Kamsack with the Helping Hearts Program. Helping Hearts will be available for purchase for $2, $5 or $10 with all proceeds being donated to the Yorkton SPCA and Rebel Cat Rescue. 

The Yorkton SPCA, known for its dedication to animal welfare, will receive vital financial support through this initiative. These funds will be allocated to various programs and services that ensure the well-being of animals in their care, from providing shelter and food to facilitating adoptions.

Rebel Cat Rescue, a registered non-profit cat rescue organization, plays a crucial role in the Yorkton and Kamsack areas. Their mission revolves around rescuing and rehabilitating cats in need, with a strong focus on finding them loving forever homes. While primarily based in Yorkton, Rebel Cat Rescue extends its services to the surrounding Kamsack region.

The funds raised during Fuel Good Days will be directed towards supporting the veterinary care needs of rescued cats with the Rebel Cat Rescue. These crucial veterinary services include pet vaccinations to safeguard against diseases, dental cleanings to maintain oral health, and spaying/neutering procedures to help control the cat population.

Charmain Wowk, Vice President of Rebel Cat Rescue, said in response to their intake freeze, “Basically we are completely swamped with requests for assistance. Unfortunately, our foster homes are at or over the capacity with which they are comfortable. We are strictly a foster home and volunteer base and do not have a pet shelter. As of this date, we have 85 cats and kittens in care and a waitlist of 30 (and growing) requests for assistance. With the growing need for help, we have had to put on an intake freeze as we just don't have anywhere to place the kitties that need our help. Adoptions are also at an all-time low so space isn't opening for us to take in more.

“Receiving the Fuel Good Day is a huge blessing for us,” continued Wowk. “We have been working towards purchasing a reliable van to transport our fosters to other provinces that do not have the same overpopulation problem that Saskatchewan has. In the future, we also hope to purchase an incubator for our primary bottle feeder. Having a piece of equipment like that greatly increases the chance of survival for the wee little babies that have lost their mom.

“Not so long ago we actually took a mamma kitty from the Kamsack area who ended up having six kittens, and also two bottle babies (one of the bottle babies was adopted by the lady that found them). We also have several Kamsack residents on our waitlist who have been caring for strays. It's our hope that we can use the funds from Fuel Good Days to allow us to proceed with the purchase of those assets and enable us to open our intakes once again.”

The contributions from Fuel Good Days will also benefit the Yorkton SPCA, allowing them to continue their mission of finding loving homes for animals in need. This ensures that families who adopt pets from the Yorkton SPCA can provide safe, loving, and healthy environments for their new furry companions.

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