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Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary faces volunteer shortage

The Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary is currently operating with just eight members, raising urgent concerns about its future viability.

KAMSACK â€” The Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary is grappling with a volunteer shortage, according to a recent letter from Marjorie Orr, an organization member.

The letter sheds light on how the Saskatchewan Healthcare Auxiliaries Area Meeting went, what items the Kamsack Hospital Auxilary has funded for the past two years, and the challenges facing the group as it strives to maintain its crucial support for the local healthcare system.

The Sask Healthcare Auxiliaries Area Meeting was held in Canora from April 22 to 24. Among the attendees were four representatives from the Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary: Diana Belovanoff, Margaret Ratushny, Marge Popoff, and Marjorie Orr. Joining them were counterparts from Canora, Esterhazy, Hudson Bay, and Wynyard.

During the meeting, guest speakers addressed the assembly, covering a range of topics pertinent to healthcare auxiliary work. Additionally, a memorial service paid homage to departed members. Marjorie Orr relayed the sad news of the passing of two members of the Kamsack Health Auxiliary, Olga Rezansoff and Angie Cherweniuk, since the previous meeting. 

The Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary is also currently operating with just eight members, raising urgent concerns about its future viability. Orr implores additional volunteers to step forward, emphasizing that without increased participation, the auxiliary's ability to fulfill its mandate may be compromised.

Despite these challenges, the auxiliary has persevered in its efforts to support the local healthcare system. Orr's letter highlights a series of significant equipment purchases made possible by generous donations, those being a chest compression system, bili light, electrocardiograph, Thermo Megafuge package, X-ray sidebar, nine side tables, nine over-bed tables, twelve wall-mounted TVs, a large TV for the staff lounge, three shower chairs, two air mattresses for palliative care, one special bed for palliative care, pharmacy cart, vital signs machine, pediatric crash cart, furnished doctors’ lounge (hide-a-bed, desk, wardrobe, cabinet, TV.), and an ultrasound table located at the medical clinic.

Moreover, the auxiliary's financial contributions extend beyond equipment procurement. The organization provides financial incentives for healthcare professionals, including a $1,000 cash incentive for newly hired nurses, laboratory staff, and x-ray technicians. Additionally, local Grade 12 graduates pursuing further education in the health field are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship, fostering the development of future healthcare leaders.

Furthermore, the Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary demonstrates its dedication to broader healthcare initiatives through ongoing support for charitable causes. Annual donations to Telemiracle and contributions toward other critical projects, such as a $5000 donation to the Yorkton Hospital for ICU upgrading, exemplify the organization's commitment to making a meaningful impact on regional healthcare infrastructure.

In particular, the auxiliary's substantial contribution of $25,000 to the Health Foundation for doctor recruitment is a testament to the lengths this auxiliary goes to support local health care.