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Kamsack mayor encourages public to attend council meetings

Attending council meetings is an opportunity to witness local governance firsthand.

KAMSACK - As the Town of Kamsack gears up for budget deliberations and an upcoming council election, Mayor Nancy Brunt and Administrator Barry Hvidston reaffirmed their commitment to fiscal responsibility and community engagement.

In an interview with the Kamsack Times, Mayor Brunt extended an open invitation to residents to attend council meetings, providing an opportunity to witness local governance firsthand, saying, “Our council meetings are always open, so if you want to see what it’s like to be in a council meeting that’s a good way to know. Especially since we’ll be looking for new councillors.”

In other town office news Greg Podvinikoff has recently started working as the town's recreational manager, he said, “It’s going good, just looking forward to catching up to speed with it all.”