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Kamsack RCMP report: Bison Breakout II

The latest news from the Kamsack RCMP detachment
Kamsack RCMP Detachment

KAMSACK - The Kamsack RCMP responded to 75 calls from March 27 to April 3. This included four theft-related calls, six animal calls, seven mischief calls, seven Mental Health Act calls, eight traffic-related calls, as well as a handful of other occurrences.

Triple threat

On March 27, Kamsack RCMP received numerous calls regarding three stolen vehicles. Kamsack RCMP members were vigilant and managed to locate all three vehicles within a two-hour window. Arrests were made, and the owners of the vehicles were contacted and informed that the vehicles had been found.

Buffalo Breakout - The Sequel

Kamsack RCMP members received calls of buffalo on the highway, as well as a few getting hit by motor vehicles. When driving, the Kamsack RCMP would like to reminder area residents to please follow speed regulations and be cautious while traveling north or south, inbound or outbound, of Kamsack.

Bicycle reminder

Members at Kamsack RCMP would also like to remind everyone that as the weather gets warmer, we know more people will be out riding their bicycles around town. This is when we get a higher volume of stolen or missing bicycle calls. Remember to lock up your bicycle when you will be away from it to ensure that it remains where you left it – no matter where it may be.


Kamsack RCMP members conducted a curfew check on a male. The male was on a 24-hour curfew but did not come to the door when multiple knocks were made. The male was later arrested for failing to comply with their release order as well as unrelated events in another matter.