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QAnon's 'Queen of Canada' motorhome makes stop in Kamsack

Romana Didulo is a Canadian QAnon figure who claims to be the ‘Queen of Canada'.
A protester holds a sign at a motorhome with the decals of Romana Didulo, a Canadian QAnon figure who claims to be the Queen of Canada. The protesters yelled for them to go away.

KAMSACK — A motorhome with the decals of a prominent figure of the QAnon movement in Canada who has proclaimed herself as the Queen of Canada stopped in Kamsack, where she was met with protesters.

The motorhome, which displayed Romana Didulo’s name, photo and declared position, was in Kamsack on Sept. 13, parked on the corner of Third Avenue and First Street.

Saskatchewan RCMP said that Kamsack RCMP received a request at 11 a.m. to keep the peace.

Nancy Brunt, Kamsack’s mayor, said she and Chief George Cote of the Cote First Nation had agreed to meet with her at 3 p.m.

“We asked what her business was in town and she said she would share her ideas with us in a private meeting,” she said. “However, when we tried to set up a private meeting, she did not come.”

At around 3 p.m., protesters from Cote and Keeseekoose First Nations gathered at the street corner, yelling “go away.” One protester on the street, pointing out that Didulo emigrated from the Philippines, said that Cote and Keeseekoose didn’t need help from her – they could help themselves.

“When they found out there was going to be a meeting they asked if they could have a peaceful protest, to express their feelings and opinions about her being in our community,” Brunt said. “Of course, the right to protest and meet is part of your civil rights as a Canadian so they were told yes, you can do that. Not a problem. They have been out and they have expressed their displeasure.”

“The protest in Kamsack was in response to Romana Didulo's agenda,” Chief Cote said, “declaring herself the 'Queen of Canada', 'Queen of the World', and 'Chief of Indigenous Nations of Canada.'”

He said Cote First Nation supported the mayor and council of Kamsack when they voiced concerns to Didulo and her followers. He said Kamsack council pointed out that Didulo has no jurisdiction on Treaty 4 territory.

Saskatchewan RCMP said Kamsack officers responded and determined a verbal altercation had occurred between two parties. They said they mediated the situation and the parties separated. The police added that their investigation determined the matter was not criminal in nature and that no safety risk existed.

At around 3:15 p.m. the motorhome and car left the site.

Brunt said she they left Kamsack, heading towards Yorkton.

“Kamsack RCMP provided a courtesy accompaniment to one party as they travelled out of Kamsack,” Saskatchewan RCMP said.

“Romana Didulo is a Canadian QAnon figure who falsely claims to be the ‘Queen of Canada,’” said a report from the Anti-Defamation League. “She has frequently called for violent action online, especially against individuals involved in administrating COVID-19 vaccines to children. Didulo has frequently issued ‘decrees’ cancelling various debts and outlawing government actions; she has also encouraged her followers to use psuedo-legal documents to avoid paying debts, leading to some followers having their water or electricity shutoff or put at risk of losing their homes. Some of Didulo's followers have also been arrested for making threats against schools and businesses.”

The Kamsack Hospital took extra precautions.

"The Saskatchewan Health Authority is focused on providing a safe, secure environment in which to work and receive health care services," said a statement from an authority spokesperson. "As a precaution, the Kamsack Hospital doors were locked and monitored by security to manage public entry temporarily on Wednesday afternoon. This measure did not impact local residents seeking care at the hospital."

Brunt said she was happy that Didulo and her followers left.

“I’m very happy they’re leaving,” she said. “We have a prime minister. Our queen and king are in England.”

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