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Canada must do more to reassure the customers for its wheat

Canada has long had a reputation in the world marketplace for producing a high quality wheat. It has in essence been this country’s ace-in-the-hole in terms of marketing wheat even in times of low prices.

When weeds wage war on forage stands Nadia Mori

In the flurry of activities on a farm or ranch, it is easy to forgo the critical task of weed scouting or surveying. In the meantime, weeds can be busy invading a forage stand while killing yield potential.

All things considered... In a pickle

My kitchen has smelled glorious these past few weeks. I mean, what could smell better than the aroma of fresh dill and garlic? In fact, I can’t believe that some company that manufactures air fresheners hasn’t yet marketed this tantalizing aroma.
New head of Kamsack RCMP detachment is 14-year veteran of the force

New head of Kamsack RCMP detachment is 14-year veteran of the force

A 14-year veteran of the RCMP who began his career with the force serving in Canora, is the new staff sergeant in charge of the Kamsack detachment. S/Sgt. Kirk Badger began work in Kamsack on June 29.
Duck Mountain ambulance helping wounded in Ukraine

Duck Mountain ambulance helping wounded in Ukraine

An ambulance from Duck Mountain Ambulance Care in Kamsack was due to arrive in Ukraine on Monday to begin treating the wounded in that country’s conflict zone.

Second free fishing weekend of the summer, August 29 and 30

Environment Minister Herb Cox announced a second free fishing weekend this summer on August 29 and 30. “Due to the extreme wildfire conditions earlier this summer, we are offering a second free fishing weekend,” Cox said.

Town council deals with speed bumps and needle disposal

Speed bumps and the disposal of needles were among items to concern town council at its regular meeting of August 17.

Kamsack air cadets prepare to start their 59th year

Preparing for the beginning of the 59th year of what is widely considered to be the best youth program in the country, its Kamsack leaders need more adults on board.
Covered wagon bench

Covered wagon bench

Included in the displays at the Natural Refl exions Market, the market garden being operated on Saturdays by Wendy Becenko about 12 kilometres east of Kamsack is a display of lawn furniture including a piece made to resemble a covered wagon.

New garbage and recycling service in effect for Kamsack by October 1

Kamsack is pulling out of the garbage pick-up business and like many other Saskatchewan communities will be hiring an outside company to do the job.
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