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City of Saskatoon upgrades online payment system

Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari are compatible browsers.
Residents wanting to use online payment may have to update their browsers and/or devices.

SASKATOON — The city is updating its online payment system in keeping with the latest standards for secure transactions, effective May 7.

The update will affect all online payment systems including parking tickets, business licenses, leisure and registration.

Residents using these services will be required to use a secure and reasonably up-to-date internet browser. Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari are compatible browsers.

Most browsers auto-update, however, if a browser hasn’t been updated in some time, the resident may find that a browser update is now necessary to perform transactions.

Similarly, people will not be able to make payments using old devices or operating systems – anything older than Windows 7, Mac OS 10, Android 5 or iPhone 5.

This is because older devices and operating systems do not meet current standards for safe financial transactions.

Associated webpages on will be updated to include blue information boxes that remind residents to use an up-to-date web browser and device.