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Lintlaw-area wildlife fed awards acknowledges trophy winners

Lintlaw hunters acknowledged with an annual supper awards night held by the Timberline Wildlife Club.
Mitch Metherell brought in the biggest elk to win that award category at the Lintlaw Timberline Wildlife annual supper and awards.

LINTLAW — The Lintlaw Timberline Wildlife Federation hosted its annual supper and awards evening with local hunters acknowledged for their trophy entries on Jan. 27.

Prior to the awards evening students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 at the Kelvington Elementary School participated in a poster contest. The winning entries won cash prizes and a free supper ticket and the entries were displayed at the awards banquet.

During the evening there were bucket draws that featured a basket of cheer raffle.

The banquet concluded with awards handed out for trophy winners.

  • Shelby Reschny received the white-tail deer awards for her entry that scored 143 and 5/8;
  • Dean Bocking received a white tail deer award that scored 115 and 5/8,
  • Cierra Bocking received the youth white-tail deer award for her entry, 140 and 3/8;
  • Barry Engdahl won the typical mule-deer award that scored 150 and 4/8;
  • Belinda Bocking won a typical mule deer award that scored 128 and 0/8;
  • Barry Engdahl Sr. won the non-typical mule deer category for his entry, 204 and 3/8;
  • Mitch Metherell won the elk category for his entry that scored, 262 and 5/8.

In the photography category, Christine Firman-Depeel won first place and Chris Patenaude won second place.

“The club would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended the supper, anyone who made donations and for everyone who volunteered their time. We look forward to holding this event again next year,” stated the Lintlaw Timberline Wildlife Facebook website.