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Locals hope to light up water tower

Will look for community support to fund project
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It is hoped a lighted water tower would be a tourist attraction.
YORKTON - Tom Seeley and Terry Pollock attended the regular meeting of Yorkton Council to present a bright idea for the water tower. 

Seeley told Council they want to initiate a plan to light up the water tower creating a tourist attraction in the process. 

“The City of Yorkton water tower, 48 meters in height, was constructed and activated in 1999. In daylight hours it is an attractive structure, but at night it is barely visible,” explained material presented to Council. 

“Initially, we believed that there would be an opportunity to make this into a tourist attraction by brilliantly illuminating it. There are examples of this in other communities. 

“On further discussion, we realized there could be an additional opportunity to celebrate cultures through either changing of colours (such as orange for the Reconciliation Day) or through projection of various images on the surface in celebration of our diverse cultural heritage. We believe this could make an important contribution to Yorkton’s Cultural Plan.” 

The good news from the City perspective is that Seeley said would be seeking sponsorship for both feasibility and developmental costs as well as for the capitol costs if the City of Yorkton approves of a final plan for the project. 

“We’re hoping not to be back here asking for a lot of money for this project,” said Seeley. 

Council was immediately supportive of the idea. 

“I believe anything that makes Yorkton stand out ... is worth looking at,” said Councillor Ken Chyz. 

“I think it’s a great idea,” added Coun. Quinn Haider. 

Coun. Darcy Zaharia called it a “fascinating idea,” adding he is surprised it has “not happened before.” 

Coun. Dustin Brears added “I think it’s a great idea. There so many cool things that can be done with illumination these days.” 

Mayor Mitch Hippsley said he likes the idea as it would put Yorkton on the map for having something different. 

Seeley said with support from Council they would then do more detailed planning bringing those options back to Council in the future.