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Norquay recreation board re-elects its executive committee

The executive committee of the Norquay Recreation Board was re-elected for another year during its meeting of June 8.

The executive committee of the Norquay Recreation Board was re-elected for another year during its meeting of June 8.

The committee is comprised of: Reagan Foster, president; Stacy Rubletz, vice-president; Lilia Livingstone, secretary, and Nicole Korpusik, treasurer. Signing authority remains with the treasurer and any one of the other members of the executive.

Maggie Lukey said that Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) grant money totalled $14,000 for the Communiplex Management Board and it will go towards the replacement of lights in
the rink, which is expected to be done this autumn.

Discussing soccer, Nicole Korpusik said that the majors team has been playing weekly games against teams from Canora, Sturgis, and Preeceville. The seniors have been playing home-and-away games against Swan River. The soccer windup was to be held June 23.

Korpusik said that the chamber of commerce is continuing to work on a comprehensive two-year visitors’ guide to distribute in the area. Persons wishing more information on the guide are asked to contact Norquay Agencies.

Delphine Howard said that the Norquay Horticulture Society’s tea, bake and plant sale held in May was a great success, generating a profit of $700.

Regarding the health auxiliary, Howard said that the group is continuing to look for a contractor to get started on installing the secure outdoor area in front of the Lodge and that the auxiliary was to present a scholarship of $200 at the Norquay School Colour Day on June 19 to a Grade 12 student who is going to be taking training in a health-related field.

Discussing Legion affairs, Laura Dahl said that scholarships of $200 each were to be presented at the Norquay, Sturgis and Pelly schools. A potluck supper with entertainment will be held June 26, which will be the last potluck supper until the last Friday in September.

“Everyone is always welcome to attend these community events,” Dahl said. The Legion will break for summer holidays until September 10.

Regarding the Tail Twisters 4-H Club, Reagan Foster said that the light horse project members participated in a riding clinic on June 10 with Ty Pole as the instructor, and on June
13 with instructor Sandy Assman at Naclia’s riding arena. The
light horse achievement day has been scheduled for June 29
and the archery project members were also preparing for their
achievement day.
Regarding the playschool, Maggie Lukey said that the
“graduation” for the four-year-old students was held June 11
and that new playground equipment has been purchased and
just needed to be assembled and installed.
The new teacher for the playschool starting this fall will be
Jordan Musey, Lukey said.
Nicole Korpusik reported that the figure skating club executive
was working on fi nding a fi gure skating coach for the
upcoming season.
Discussing minor ball, Lilia Livingstone and Maggie Lukey
reported that on June 16, a crew of volunteers made dugouts at
Diamond No. 1. The peewee team played its last game on June
10 and a wind-up has been scheduled with the mosquito team
at the end of June. The bantam team, Norquay 1, played its last
game on June 18; the junior rookie team played its last game on
June 17 and the mosquito team, on June 24.
A concession has been available for all home games and
volunteers continue to be needed for the last few games this
year, they said. Shifts were one hour long.
“It was an awesome year, with 90 players registered, allowing
the club to field teams in all age groups,” they said. The
club had two T-ball teams, two bantam teams, as well as teams
for peewee, mosquito, and junior rookie age levels.
The recreation board’s next meeting was scheduled for September