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Preeceville council set to increase taxes by $50 per household

Town approves new hirings.
Preeceville Town Office.

PREECEVILLE — The Town of Preeceville council hosted its budget meeting on May 22 which will see an increase in taxes for its tax-paying residents. Council will raise taxes by $50 per household and has three major projects planned for this year. Other details were not available at the time of release.

Council also held another special meeting on May 7 when they met with the Preeceville and District Health Focus Group to discuss physician coverage and doctor incentive and health services. James Bodnar, Jennifer Bayer and Brad Romanchuk of  the Preeceville and District Health Focus Group met with council to discuss the role of their community, doctor incentives provided at the provincial and local levels.

April 17 was Town council's regular meeting that discussed many concerning topics that were approached by residents. Dale Schur met with council to discuss lot consolidation, overweight trucks in town, tree removal, commercial and business opportunities and speed limits.

Candace Kuta met with council to discuss access to the Preeceville Skating Arena kitchen area in the 2023/24 season.

The offer to purchase town-owned property at 504 Highway Ave. E., by Robert Hofer at the cost of $36,000 was accepted.

The proposal provided by Beckie Hydrogeologists to camera survey, inspect and pump monitor the town's well to access any issues was accepted.

Council approved the purchase of 40 tonnes of cold mix asphalt from Fedorowich Construction for the cost of $177.70 per tonne.

Council renewed the sanitation contract with John Masko.

Reports accepted were provided by the mayor, shop, administrative, bylaw officer and the Community Development and Rec. Coordinator.

The Preeceville Rec Board was authorized to renew the previous year land rental for 50 acres on town-owned property.

Chris Halkyard was hired as the new town foreman.

Rodney Daschuk was hired as the crow control officer and Colin Masko was hired as the pigeon control officer.

Town of Preeceville will meet with the Town of Sturgis on June 3 for a joint meeting.

The Town of Preeceville donated $160 towards Community Safety Net for Health Safety booklets that will distributed by the Preeceville Fire Department to educate and protect youth.