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Preeceville High School acknowledged in academic and athletic accomplishments

Students are showcased at year-end awards at Preeceville School.
Cary Franklin, left, presented the Male and Female Athlete of the Year to Amber Spray, (female) center and Tristan Acosta (male).

PREECEVILLE - Students at the Preeceville High School were acknowledged for their achievements at the Grade 7 to 12 awards day held on June 17. Emerson Strykowski was mistress of ceremonies for the afternoon.

The Crossroads Credit Union presented the student recognition awards to students in Grade 7 to 12. Winners were, Melissa Durand, Seth Reynolds, Aron Irlandez, Amber Spry, Paje Reynolds and Cassidy Paterson.

Academic awards were handed out to students in Grade 7-11. For Grade 7, Hailey Spray was presented the English Language Arts, Math and Social; Briley Friday received the Science and Band awards; Wayne Regudo, Art; Melissa Durand, Practical Applied Arts, Carter Moekerk, Phys-ed, and Abby Scheller, the Health award.

In the Grade 8 category, Ireland Zuk received the ELA and Health; Wyatt Scheller, Math; Dexter Penner, Science; Maria Anguluan, Social; Leah Thideman, Art; Seth Reynolds, PAA; Jian Isican, Phys-ed and Maggie Ivanochko, Band.

Students in Grade 9 who received the following awards, were. Aron Irlandez, ELA; Bri Paterson, Math; Olivia Ivanochko, Science, Social, Art, and Band; David Roguel, Phys-ed and Devon Purdy, Health.

Grade 10 students receiving awards were, Amber Spray, ELA, Math, Science, PAA Foods10, Geography and Mental Health Addictions 10; Maggie Bartel, Science, Wellness and Geography; Lexi Prouse, Science and Indigenous Studies; Luke Sandager, Industrial Arts; and Sarah Masko, Band.

Grade 11 students who received awards, were, Seann Lavega, ELA, Oakley Zuk, Math, Social, Science and Mental Health and Wellness; Paje Reynolds, Social, Personal Finance, Law and Band; Carley Walker, Social; Hunter Nelson, Phys-ed and Industrial Arts.

Student Representative Council students of Emerson Strykowski, Paje Reynolds, Seth Reynolds and Jenna Anaka were acknowledged.

Athletic awards were presented to junior and senior students in each category. In Cross-County, Melissa Durand received the dedicated and determined  junior female award, Gavin Erickson, dedicated and determined junior male award and Hudson Maier, dedicated and determined senior male award.

Junior boys basketball, Blake Descalchuk, most improved, Wyatt Scheller and Jian Isican, most dedicated, Dhexy Paligan,MVP, Wayne Regudo, rookie-of-the-year and Seth Reynolds, leadership and dedication. Junior girls basketball, Macey Mitchell and Makenna Firman, most improved, Bri Paterson and Dexter Penner, most dedicated, Ireland Zuk, MVP and Abby Scheller, rookie-of-the-year. Senior girls basketball, Lexi Prouse, most improved, Maggie Bartel, assists leader, Amber Spray, defensive superstar, Tess Covlin,  best-all-around player, Kacey Heskin, playoff MVP, and Sarah Masko top rebounder. Senior boys basketball, Tristan Acosta, MVP, Brody Descalchuk, most improved player, Luke Sandager, rookie-of-the-year, Hunter Nelson, dedicated and determined, and Porter George, defensive player of the Year.

Junior boys volleyball, Jian Isican, most improved, David Roguel, most dedicated, Gavin Erickson, rookie-of-the-year, and Dhexy Paligan, MVP. Junior girls, Bri Paterson, best-all-around player, Ireland Zuk, dedicated and leadership, Dexter Penner, most promising , Maria Anguluan, most improved and Abby Scheller, rookie-0f-the year. Senior girls volleyball, Asia Kilborn, most improved, Maggie Bartel, best-all-around player, Lexi Prouse, dedicated and leadership, and Kacey Heskin, most promising.

Senior football awards, Matthew Korney, lineman,  Keane Balyski,  offensive player, Tristan Acosta, defensive player and MVP, Brie Malo-Maier, dedicated and determined and William Larson, rookie-of-the year.

Seth Reynolds received the junior curling most improved and Carter Moekerk received the rookie-of-the year and Carter Halkyard received the MVP. Asia Kilborn received the most improved for senior curling followed by Paje Reynolds, most dedicated and Emerson Strykowski received the MVP.

In the junior badminton awards, Abby Scheller and Melissa Durand received the most improved, Kaiden Bourassa, sportsmanship. Carter Halkyard, MVP and in senior badminton, Lexi Prouse, most improved, Maggie Bartel, MVP, Sean Lavega, sportsmanship.

Amber Spray won the female track and field athlete award and Hudson Maier was presented with the male track and field athlete.

Tristan Acosta received the male Athlete of the Year and Amber Spray received the female athlete award.