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Schools head to remote learning due to COVID-19 cases

Four schools have had classes moved to remote learning in the Good Spirit School Division
Photo: Empty classroom/iStock
Four schools in the Good Spirit School Division have made the switches to remote learning following increases in COVID-19 cases.

Saltcoats School, Dr. Brass in Yorkton, the Churchbridge Public School have seen all classes and Grades make the switch to remote learning, with just the Kindergarten classes at Victoria School also being moved to remote learning.

Both Saltcoats and Dr. Brass Schools are tentatively scheduled to make returns to face-to-face learning this week, with both Churchbridge and the class at Victoria School hoping to make returns next week.

Quintin Robertson, the director of for the Good Spirit School Division, said that since the start of the school year, they have seen over 80 cases of COVID-19.

"We are seeing a bit of a surge as of late," he said. "We are a little bit concerned, but we are hoping to see a downward trend, but thus far, we are seeing greater occurrences of COVID-19 in our community."

Robertson said that they want to make sure students are getting the best possible education they can, but also want to make sure everyone is safe.`

"The priority is face-to-face instruction for our students. We want to put them on remote for the least amount of time necessary, but also want to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff," he said. "We were well-ready and well prepared for this. We deployed hot spots in schools for students who don't have internet access; we deployed resource material, so we were well prepared for it, hoping we wouldn't need to move into a remote situation, but now we have three schools."

He added that with over 1,000 students eligible for vaccination, the school division knew that something like this was likely to happen.

Esterhazy High School was also switched to remote learning after having 22 cases connected to the school but has since returned to face-to-face teaching.