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St. Patrick’s CWL, Sturgis and Preeceville Councils celebrate anniversaries

Church parishes acknowledged and honoured at their anniversaries.
Linda Maddaford, Regina Diocesan CWL president of Yorkton left, presented a 75th anniversary certificate to Barb Biccum, the Sturgis president.

STURGIS - The St. Patrick’s Catholic Women’s League of Canada, Sturgis and Preeceville Councils celebrated their anniversaries of 75 years and 60 years in a joint celebration with a Mass of Thanksgiving on June 15, 2024 at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Sturgis. Celebrant was Fr. Andrzej Sowa, O.MO., Spiritual Advisor and concelebrant Fr. Michal Pajak, O.M.I., former pastor now of St. Henry’s Church in Melville.

Taking part in the liturgy were commentator Kathleen Pitt, reader Jeannette Budnick, Beatrice Sekel, presidents Barb Biccum and Norma Appel who lit 37 candles in memory of the deceased members. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was presented to the CWL Councils and placed at the front entrance inside the church. The council presented engraved chalice and paton as well as a new stole and chastible to the parish. In his homily Fr. Andrzej thanked the members for ther combined 135 years of service to the parish. A candle was lit for each deceased founding members. He acknowledged former spiritual advisors especially Fr, Thomas Novak, O.M.I who initiated the forming of our council.

Following the Eucharistic Celebration, members and guests gathered at the Sturgis READ Club for a banquet and program. Marcia Yagelnessky was emcee welcoming guest before the banquet and singing of grace. The presidents Biccum and Appel introduced former members Josie McGuire and Vickie Haskewich of Regina and guests from surrounding council Lucille Eifert, Joanna Zychkowski, Evelyn Banks and Connie McKay. Helene Tremblay Boyko also attended. Congratulatory message and a certificate from the Regina Archdiocesan Council was given by Linda Maddaford of Yorkton, newly elected president. She said, “Congratulations on all the service you give to your parish which help it grow and flourish. We all need the friendship and spirituality from belonging to CWL. Keep asking ladies to join.”

 On behalf of the parish chairperson Marcia Yagelnesky presented the council with a plaque with the names of the charter members and present members. 

A brief history of the Preeceville Council which was formed on Sept. 18, 1964, was presented by Kathleen Pitt. Lillian Smith, a CWL member for 57 years, spoke on behalf of the Sturgis Council formed on March 6, 1949. A medley of Marion hymns was led by Fr. Andrzej.  Members of both councils sang the Anniversary song composed by Carole Hauber and the hymn, Our Lady of Good Counsel. Emcee Yagelnesky made several presentations including to Ron Nauber and Val Kalenchuk whose parent and mother in law were charter members. Spiritual Advisor Fr. Andrzej and the two presidents had the honour of cutting the cake. In closing the presidents thanked all for attending and those who spent so much time preparing for this special occasion. Fr, Andrzej led the closing prayer.