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Sturgis Wildlife Club presents awards

Avid wildlife members honoured with plaques for their winning entries during the Sturgis Wildlife awards banquet.
Drae Peterson, left, was excited to be presented the junior men’s lake trout award by Lil Masley.

STURGIS — The Sturgis Wildlife Club presented its awards from the 2023 season at its awards evening held in Sturgis.

Rob Wilcott was the MC for the March 2 evening and introduced all executive members. Candy’s Catering catered the banquet featuring: smoked pork loin, breaded Basa fillets, Elk meatballs, venison sausage, mashed potatoes, cabbage rolls, vegetables, salads and dessert.

Throughout the evening and after the awards portion, there were bucket draws made followed by a silent auction.

Wilcott welcomed everyone in attendance and spoke briefly on the club’s accomplishments and the wildlife federation’s vision, mission, objectives and the importance of buying memberships.

“Tonight is not all about the biggest set of antlers or heaviest fish, it is also about the camaraderie and fellowship that comes with the sport and how each story is told,” said Wilcott. “At the 95th annual SWF provincial convention held in Saskatoon, the Sturgis branch was recognized in the $20,000 and over category for donations to the Habitat Trust Fund.

“We are pleased to announce that the Thorson family of Edgar, Doreen and Marlo have donated 735.29 acres of land to Habitat Trust. This parcel of land is located just north of Nelson Lake. The land will be posted as no hunting and valued at $1 million,” stated Wilcott

Wilcott also spoke on the boys and girls camp.

Other donations included $1,500 towards the Sturgis Fire Department and the gun range. The gun range is open to members from Preeceville and Sturgis branches but Wilcott firmly stated that a person can not discharge a restricted weapon unless they carry a permit and belong to an active gun club. The Sturgis branch is in year four of a five-year lease agreement with Peniuk Farms.

The club featured a poster contest that was open to Grade 3-6 students from the Sturgis Composite School with the winning entries on display on the wall. Winners from Grades 3 to 6 respectively were:

  • Grade 3: Kayden King, Cruz Jaeb, Dylan Terrenal and Ryder Beatty;
  • Grade 4: Zia Delatorre, Lakyn Seerey, Erza Parreno and Nate Johnson;
  • Grade 5: Emelia Maier, Jane Palaniuk, Yanni Temomio and Kloton Fortin;
  • Grade 6: Keltyn Konkel, Cooper Stack, Avery Mitchell and Dewin Boucher.

Nathan Dutchak, a conservation officer based out of Preeceville, was the guest speaker. Dutchak spoke briefly on a general list of topics from the No Trespassing laws, the increase in the population of wolves, decease in the population in moose and a decrease in tips being phoned into the center.

Kelly Masley assisted by Daniel Wasylenchuk presented the awarded portion.

Big Game awards

In the big game category:

  • Brad Cameron received the men’s typical white-tailed deer award for his entry that scored 140 and 0/8;
  • Bert Suknasky received the men’s typical mule deer award, 137 and 2/8;
  • Kaiden Masley received the men’s non-typical mule deer award, 156 and 6/8; and
  • Kelly Masley won the men’s moose award, 151 and 0/8.

In the women’s category:

  • Karley Buchinski won the junior women’s typical white-tailed deer award for her entry, 109 and 2/8; 
  • Anna Maria Wilcott received the women’s typical white-tailed deer for a score of 137 and 1/8;
  • Rachel Lozinski won the elk award, 331 and 8/9;
  • Emily Kalnicki won the non-typical mule deer, 153 and 2/8;
  • Eloisa Vincente won the non-typical white-tailed deer award, 141 and 7/8;
  • Brynn Babiuk won the typical mule deer award, 182 and 1/8, and also the typical white-tailed deer award for her entry that scored  140 and 2/8.

Fish awards

  • Drae Peterson won the junior men’s lake trout award for his entry that weighed 10 lbs and 3 ounces;
  • Janet Howard won the women’s walleye award, two lbs.,14 ounces;
  • Harold Barillo won the men’s lake trout, two lbs, and 10 ounces and also the men’s brown trout, four lbs;
  • Koy Babiuk won the junior men’s perch award, 15 ounces;
  • Jessica Kalnicki won the junior women’s walleye award, two lbs. and 11 ounces;
  • Kylie Babiuk won the women’s perch award, one lb and one ounce;
  • Emily Kalnicki won the women’s northern pike award, 18 lb, and
  • Shae Peterson won the men’s walleye award for his entry that weighed eight lbs and eight ounces.

The club also presented first-time hunters with plaques.

Executive members for the Sturgis Wildlife club are:

  • Rob Wilcott, president;
  • Ashten Walker, vice-president and co-fundraising chair;
  • Daniel Wasylenchuk, secretary and treasurer;
  • Russell Walker, membership chair and co-fundraising chair, and
  • Kelly Masley, awards chair.

Directors are:

  • Mervin Blender
  • Bert Suknasky
  • Chris Walker
  • Myles Zawislak
  • Clint Zubko
  • Brent Strand
  • Tracy Strand