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Urban backyard hen project approved

Mayor Nancy Brunt reported that the Kamsack Town Council has approved a pilot project application submitted by Cory Chernoff to implement raising backyard chickens within town limits.

Mayor Nancy Brunt reported that the Kamsack Town Council has approved a pilot project application submitted by Cory Chernoff to implement raising backyard chickens within town limits. Beginning with just 10 households, those participating are allowed up to a maximum of four chickens in a fence or coop that is suitable for keeping the animals throughout the winter. Chernoff, along with the Kamsack Bylaw Officer, will be managing the program. Interested applicants are invited to contact the town office by phone or email. The pilot program forbids the inclusion of roosters and butchering chickens will not be permitted within town limits at any stage of the program.

Reconciliation action

Town council is currently in the process of working with Prairie Wild Consulting to devise a multicultural initiative fund that will require two town councillors and two volunteers to coordinate and implement a plan going forward in reconciliation efforts with local Indigenous communities.

July 1 – An evening of reflection

In honour of the pain and devastation caused by recent discoveries on residential school sites, the Town of Kamsack decided to shift Canada Day celebrations to instead mark an Evening of Reflection. The event was held at the Kamsack sports grounds and featured speeches by Mayor Nancy Brunt, Chief George Cote, and Robert Severight, who also performed drumming. Participants wore orange shirts in solidarity and fireworks concluded the evening to honour the victims.

Town Finance News

As of June 30, the five per cent property tax discount has ended after an extension was granted on account of it being an assessment year.

The Town of Kamsack has approved a 75 per cent tax base for tax abatement for King Solomon Lodge on the grounds it is a non-profit organization. However, the organization will be required to pay full school taxes.

To prevent being taxed twice, residents with commercial properties that also had adjoining residential spaces had residential taxes waived.

The Town of Kamsack has approved the audited financial statement that was submitted by the town’s new accounting firm, Myers Norris Penny.

The Town of Kamsack has approved an application by Jessi Woytkiw to make necessary changes for her pet grooming business at Crowstand.

As part of an economic development initiative, the Town of Kamsack has entered an agreement with Bear Electric to pay incremental tax amounts on a three-year term. The practice is standard with new businesses that are established with the purchase of a building.

Top five bylaw infractions for Kamsack

According to Riley Booth, Bylaw Enforcement Officer for the Town of Kamsack, the top five bylaw infractions are:

1.         Overgrown shrubbery, grass & weeds

2.         Unsightly and Heavy Content Properties

3.         Animals running at large

4.         Parking

5.         Excessive Barking

As of July 9, Riley Booth will have resigned from the position of bylaw officer. The Town of Kamsack has rehired Michael Thom for the position.

New volunteer firefighters

Two new volunteer firefighters have been approved to join the Kamsack Volunteer Fire Department. Mayor Nancy Brunt and council would like to welcome Jared Whims and Mike Covik to the firefighting team.

Broda Arena

The company Johnson Controls is working with the town on a grant application to fix and upgrade the rink at the Broda Arena. Mayor Brunt reported that more information on financing and timeline for this project will be released in the near future.