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Wired Fence Put Up at SkyTrail

Walking bridge has been closed over three years

It’ll now be even more difficult for anyone to go and enjoy the view of the South Saskatchewan River from one of the best spots in town, but fencing put up at the main entrance site of the SkyTrail walking bridge was a move done in the name of safety.

As learned at the most recent Outlook town council meeting, fencing complete with barbed wire was installed at the site to prevent anyone from stepping into the mezzanine part of the bridge entrance, which has cement crumbling and the ground seemingly sinking.  The deteriorating state of the location has caused gaping holes to appear between the cement and the ground, making for an unsafe environment and leading to the installation of the fence to prevent access to the entrance, as well as hopefully prevent any unfortunate accidents involving the public.

One of the Town of Outlook’s most popular, once-thriving and nationally-recognized tourism attractions in years past, the SkyTrail walking bridge has been closed since late 2013.