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After pandemic hiatus, Preeceville bed push returns with enthusiastic support

Telemiracle tradition back after two-year break
Bed Push On Road_result
The Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department provided a safe environment as they led and followed the volunteers who pushed the Preeceville hospital bed through the Preeceville community and down the highway to their destination in Sturgis.

PREECEVILLE - The Preeceville bed push for Telemiracle was once again back in action after a two-year hiatus caused by COVID-19 restrictions. It took on a different life when the Preeceville Hospital gave up the tradition but the Preeceville School Grade 6 students picked up the cause and continued the custom. It raised $4,490.05 through the collaborated efforts of hospital staff and the Preeceville School students and staff.

The bed push began in 1986 as a fundraiser for Telemiracle and since 2020, the hospital bed push has raised over $209,000 through the generous donations of community and surrounding areas donations.

Hospital staff who continued on the journey with the students were: Sharon Draper, Keri Firman and long-time organizer Brenda Lubiniecki.

 “We want to recognize all the people who make this event possible, including the individuals who pushed the bed from Preeceville to Sturgis and to those who are helping behind the scene,” said Lubiniecki.

The Sturgis and District volunteer fire department accompanied the bed and volunteers on the road for safety purposes.

Participants left the hospital grounds on March 3 determined to continue the annual tradition of the bed push. They were escorted by the Sturgis and District fire rescue unit and followed by the Sturgis Fire truck. The rescue units’ flashing lights and siren signalled to motorists that the bed push was in progress. After canvassing in Preeceville, the entourage made its way along the highway to Sturgis where stopping motorist gave generously.

The group had collected donations at the hospital before they canvassed in the town of Preeceville and along the highway to Sturgis from passing motorists.