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Car show proves to be huge success and popular

Redone GTO steals the show as fan favorite at the Sturgis Sports Day car show.
Helen and Wayne Scheller won the favorite Peoples Choice Award for his 1971 GTO.

STURGIS - A car show and show that attracted  car enthusiast was a huge success with 46 entries during the Sturgis Sports Day on June 24.

“It was another great show with a lot of support from the local and surrounding area,” said Bob Bartch, organizer.

The top four fan favourite was voted on by those in attendance. 

The top People’s Choice was won by  Wayne Scheller of Preeceville (1971 GTO), second was Rodney Machan of Swan River (1970 Plymouth Superbird), Jack Lesanko of Sturgis (196 Mercury) and fourth place was won by John Dvorak of Swan River (1950 Ford Coupe).

Other entries featured, Bob Bartch of Sturgis with 1949 Rover and a 1937 Ford, Phil Murrin of Preeceville (1969 El Camino), Sandra Johnson of Sturgis (1967 Firebird), Carl Steciuk of Yorkton (1966 Dodge),Jack Lesanko of Sturgis (1974 El Camino and a Super 90),Al Lachance of Invermay (1948 Plymouth), Randy Boehm of Yorkton (140 Dodge), Scott Scheller of Ketchen (1976 Datson 280Z, James Scheller of Ketchen (2014 Harley Davidson), Roger Head of  Sturgis (2000 Honda), Reg Graham of Invermay( 1957 Pontiac), Earl Havgero of Wadena (1976 Thunderbird), Wm Rehalk of Canora (1979 Cadillac), Gene Kyowski of Canora (1963 T-Bird), Charles Clark of Sturgis (1967 Barracoda), Dwayne Stankewich of Swan River (1972 Duster), David Wasyliw of Canora (1975 Mouza), Jorz Billtski of Canora (1976 El Camino), Erv Schultz of Saltcoats (1929 Model A), Dale Ruckman of Kamsack (1983 Chev), Harvey Cooper of Saltcoats (1950 Chev truck), Mark Lanoels of Swan River (1969 Chevelle), Mel Walters of Saskatoon (1978 Merk), Kevin Haw of Canora (1970 MX), Darwin Williams of Swan River (1960 T-bird), Napolean Murv of Canora (2010 HD), Yvonne Dymtriw of Canora (2004 Suzuki), Iona Hleboff of Canora (1981 Camaro), Peter Tait of Swan River (1984 Chev Corvette), Brian Kushneruk of Buchanan (1950 Chev Sedan), Eric Kushneruk of Buchanan (1972 Dodge Charger), Evan Kushneruk of Buchanan (1968 Dodge), Dave Woods of Norquay (1967 Chevelle), Lara Cole of Swan River (169 Road Runner), Laurie Meberg of Preeceville (McCormick), Nick King of Canora (1989 Blazer), Darren Descalchuk of Preeceville (1977 Dodge), Mike Andrusko of Sturgis (1953 Mo), Clint Gottinger of Kelvington (1970 Plymouth) and Beth Palanuik of Sturgis (1985 GMC).