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25th Annual Close Cuts for Cancer raises $69,029.20

Notable YouTuber Quick Dick McDick has head and beard shaved.

YORKTON – The Brayden Ottenbreit Close Cuts for Cancer was held over the weekend earning $69,029.20 for cancer research.

The annual event sees people shave or cut their hair in order to raise money to be donated towards cancer research.

"The Brayden Ottenbreit Close Cuts for Cancer head-shaving event started in 1998. It began when Brayden Ottenbreit, a young boy from Yorkton, was diagnosed with cancer before his fourth birthday. To support him, his dad Greg, his uncle Grant, and a group of friends decided to shave their heads," read a statement on the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan's website.

"The 25th anniversary was a bit of a big deal for us," said Greg Ottenbreit, the Yorkton MLA who co-founded the organization with his wife Leone.

Among the people in attendance to have their hair removed was notable Saskatchewan Youtuber, Dickson Delorme, AKA, 'Quick Dick McDick', who typically sports a large beard.

"Last year I stumbled across the Brayden Ottenbreit's Close Cuts for Cancer fundraiser that's been happening for the last 25 years right here in Saskatchewan," said Delorme in a Youtube video entitled 'Save It Or Shave It', adding, "what can we all do to help? I don't have a medical degree, I don't work in healthcare – maybe I can make a funny video every now and then and cheer somebody up, but I want to do more."

Delorme, who has a subscriber-base just shy of 80,000, said, "I want to help this fundraiser this year by lighting up a donation page for the month of May – and we're going to raise some money and have some fun."

Delorme held a 'Save It or Shave It' campaign in which participants donated money to the 'Save It' side or 'Shave It' side. Whichever side totalled more on the 28th would dictate the fate of Delorme's beard.

"He raised a significant amount of money within his first three hours [of the campaign]," said Greg, adding, "it just took off in leaps and bounds."

In the end, the 'Shave It' side won and Delorme lost his beard to a noble cause with donations from both sides totalling $55,937.80.

The $69,029.20 represents the amount of money that has raised by participants.

"We still have some additional donations that need to be added, including donations to our Local Cancer Initiatives Program," said Leone.

Other donations included $500 from Legacy Co-Op, $500 from the Yorkton Professional Firefighters, and $1,000 from the Kinsmen Club of Yorkton.

"$1,000 from Bill Barsi [was donated] in memory of his wife Darlene that will be designated to palliative care through the Health Foundation, and he hopes that this will inspire others to support this program that aims to enhance the lives of local cancer patients and their families," said Leone.

The organization has several cancer initiative events planned for the near future which include the Bell BBQ at the Bell store on Saturday, June 11, from 11 am to 2 pm as well as the Maple BBQ on Wednesday, June 22, from 11:30 am to 2 pm at Maple Ag & Outdoor.