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Pickleball Yorkton tournament results

Event had 84 registrations.
The Aspira Yorkton Crossings Winter Smash Pickleball Tournament was held at the Gallagher Centre's Flexihall Feb. 10.

YORKTON – Pickleball Yorkton hosted the Aspira Yorkton Crossings Winter Smash Pickleball Tournament at the Gallagher Centre's Flexihall the weekend of Feb. 10.

Organizers told Yorkton This Week that there were 84 registrations for the event with seven courts in action starting from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Mens 3.0

Gold: Farron Stricker and Lewis Rathgeber

Silver: Alvin Sieben and Trevor Hudym

Bronze: Terry Spilchen and Ray Clarkson

Mens 3.5

Gold: Ken Kolisnek and Gerard Osicki

Silver: Hassan Sief and Jeff Templeton

Bronze: Craig Zamzow and Kevin Fisher

Mixed 2.5

Gold: Farron Stricker and Gina Rester

Silver: Rod Oborowsky and Tracey Harris

Bronze: Haider Elbramani and Rachelle Coleman

Mixed 3.0

Gold: Terry Spilchen and Judy Chupa

Silver: Gerarard and Arlene Osicki

Bronze: Teresa Hrabachek and Michael Yaremchuk

Mixed 3.5

Gold: Dave Bella and Brenda Serfling

Silver: Ken Kolisnek and Marlene Schrader

Bronze: Craig Zamzow and Chanzina Hutton

Ladies 2.5

Gold: Dayna Mousseau and Rachelle Coleman

Silver: Diane Davis and Gina Rester

Bronze: Bev Bielinski and Kendra Kerr

Ladies 3.0

Gold: Kim Dobko and Jody Chupa

Silver: Alexandria Mohrbutter and Chantal Nerenberg

Bronze: Arlene Osicki and Janet Simpson

Ladies 3.5

Gold: Brenda Serfling and Marlene Schrader

Silver: Janece Gaudry and Teresa Hrbachek

Bronze: Wana Saul and Linda Wilson