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Prairie Wildfire Taekwondo Challenge

A total of 243 competitors from Canada and the US competed at the weekend event.

YORKTON – The 26th Annual Prairie Wildfire Taekwondo Challenge took place in Yorkton April 20.

A total of 243 competitors from as far away as Edmonton, Winipeg and Williston North Dakota competed at the event.


Local Medalists


  • Kenzi Fox, Silver, Pee Wee Female Beginner Lightweight
  • Shennae Ethier, Bronze, Youth Female Adavanced, Welterweight
  • Jariz Geraldoy, Gold, Junior Female Advanced, Middleweight
  • Emilie Hvidston, Silver, Junior Female Advanced, Middleweight
  • Clay Kabatoff, Silver, Pee Wee Male Beginner Leightweight
  • Roland Samonte, Bronze, Pee Wee Male Beginner Lightweight
  • Brandon Novak, Silver, Senior Male Black Belt Welterweight
  • Jayton Varjassy, Bronze Pee Wee Male Beginner Welterweight
  • Bryson Nagy, Gold, Youth Male Intermediate Welterweight
  • Odin Andres, Bronze, Youth Male Intermediate Lightweight
  • Everett Pendleton, Gold, Cadet Male Advanced Middleweight
  • Logan Schellenbaum, Bronze, Cadet Male Advanced Middleweight
  • Maverick Bodnaryk, Gold, Pee Wee Male Intermediate Middleweight
  • Bon Jorge, Gold, Junior Male Novice Lightweight
  • Kerr Pendleton, Gold, Junior Male Adavanced Welterweight
  • Quinn Cursons, Bronze, Junior Male Advanced Welterweight
  • Liam Hellegards, Silver, Cadet Male Intermediate Middleweight
  • Cole Barton, Gold, Cadet Male Intermediate Lightweight,
  • Gage Agar, Gold, Cadet Male Intermediate Heavyweight
  • Brayden Schellenbaum, Gold, Cadet Male Advanced Lightweight
  • Braxton Moen, Bronze, Cadet Male Advanced Middleweight
  • Jospeh Green, Gold, Senior Male Advanced Welterweight
  • James Stuart, Gold, Senior Male Advanced Heavyweight
  • Justus Jaquet, Gold, Junior Male Black Belt Middleweight
  • Alexander Oryschak, Gold, Junior Male Black Belt Middleweight


  • Clay Kabatoff, Gold
  • Jayton Varjassy, Silver
  • Ryder Fox, Bronze
  • Zoey Inayat, Silver
  • Carol Mikhaiel, Silver
  • Kenzie Fox, Bronze
  • Braxton Moen, Silver
  • Anika Agar, Gold
  • Logan Schellenbaum, Gold
  • Maverick Bodnaryk, Silver
  • Jake Mydonick, Bronze
  • Bryson Nagy, Bronze
  • Everett Pendleton, Gold
  • Oden Andres, Silver
  • Bon Jorge Castillo, Silver
  • Brayden Schellenbaum, Gold
  • Eva Agar, Bronze
  • Gage Agar, Bronze
  • Adelle Kopp-Mekay, Silver
  • Maria Mikhaiel, Gold
  • Quinn Cursons, Silver
  • Jariz Geraldoy, Gold
  • Kerr Pendleton, Silver
  • Joseph Green, Gold
  • James Stuart, Silver
  • Emily Fang, Silver

Family Team Poomsae

  • Kees TKD Grandkids BF