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The Meeple Guild: A PnP summers #2 - Battling spies

Not our usual fare to be sure, this one is certainly worth grabbing.
Trevor Lyons tries to determine where his opponent's spy in lurking in this small PnP game.

YORKTON - Talk about a game which exudes its theme.

Revolver Noir is one of a growing number of print and play games which involved only 18 cards, which means it’s a small print effort, but the best of such games still offer a lot of ‘game’.

By designer Xavier Davidson Revolver Noir is certainly a game worth the print effort.

Two players playing as spies -- with only eight cards in hand -- move through a set of rooms in a house looking to eliminate the other.

Players can lay traps, move, shoot, listen etc on their turn using a scant two action points.

Certain cards also have special rules that allow other turn options.

The game is played ‘in-hand’ meaning you hold them throughout. This is not a ‘loved’ mechanic, and one that certainly requires card sleeving to save them from hand sweat/oils etc., but it works here well-enough.

Fitting neatly the ‘spy vs spy’ theme -- Revolver Noir is black and white art by Jonathan Fisher – the B&W element is a print bonus too in the sense it’s lower cost.

Not our usual fare to be sure, this one is certainly worth grabbing at only $5 for the files at PnP Arcade.