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Yellowhead Demolition Derby results

Demolition derby concludes 2022 race season.

YORKTON – A demolition derby was held at the Yellowhead International Speedway on the afternoon of September 17th.  Cars were smashing and crashing to the cheers of hundreds of people in attendance for the automotive showdown.

The Results

Heat 1 

1st: 41 Devon Kuntz 
2nd: 09 Chris Flannery 

Heat 2 

1st: 44 Ryan Atkings 
2nd: 84 Brandon Bilay 

Heat 3 

1st: 116 Brady Blazeiko 
2nd: 48 Bernie Bilay 

Heat 4 

1st: .08 Logan Kawchuk 
2nd: 33 Cole Kroeker 


1st: 10 Clayton Troxler 
2nd: 353 Darrel Gatzke 

Feature 1st: 48 Bernie Bilay 
2nd: 44 Ryan Atkings 
3rd: 41 Devon Kuntz 


15 Dustin Heddon 

Best Dressed 

08 Logan Kawchuk 

M.A.D. Dog (Most Aggressive Driver) 

09 Chris Flannery