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Court adjourns case against accused in 3D weapons trafficking

Police had seized several firearms, firearm parts and 3D printer components. 
Norasinh Phouikhounephinith was arrested after Saskatoon Police Guns & Gang Unit raided a home on Jan. 26.

SASKATOON – A lawyer for a man accused of making restricted firearms with a 3D printer and trafficking them asked Saskatoon Provincial Court Tuesday for an adjournment.

Defense counsel Jared Aumiller asked that the case against Norasinh Phouikhounephinith, 47, be adjourned until May 30. Aumiller told the court that he would like to discuss with his client how to proceed. Judge Bria Huculak granted the adjournment.

In April, defence had unsuccessfully challenged the validity of the search warrant. Saskatoon Police Service Guns & Gangs Unit had raided a home in the 200 block of 23rd Street East in January 2022 and seized several firearms, firearm parts and 3D printer components.

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