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Domotor charge of soliciting sexual services is stayed

Cut Knife-Turtleford MLA Ryan Domotor goes through alternative measures, stay is entered on criminal charge against him for procuring sexual services for consideration.
The charge against MLA Ryan Domotor has been dealt with in Regina provincial court.

REGINA - A stay of proceedings has been entered in court Thursday on the charge against Cut Knife-Turtleford MLA Ryan Domotor of procuring sexual services for consideration.

The case against Domotor was heard in Regina provincial court before Judge Murray Hinds, in which both the defence and prosecutor indicated that the Crown was entering a stay on the charge. 

The comments from counsel before Judge Hinds very brief, and Domotor was not present in the court room. 

The stay was not unexpected, as it was indicated by counsel in the previous court appearance on Jan. 4 that Domotor would proceed with alternative measures, and that there would likely be a resolution to the case at the Feb. 1 court appearance.

What “alternative measures” refers to is enrolment in a program where the accused is educated on the consequences of buying sex services and human trafficking.

In speaking to reporters afterwards, Crown prosecutor Carmody Hallamore explained the process would be to refer the accused to Regina Family Services to a program there. If he attends to their satisfaction, the Crown is then notified of that and the Crown will then stay the criminal charge.

Hallamore also explained the referrals to this program would usually be for people with a first offence who might be assisted more by the program. 

The stay means Domotor will not have a criminal record. While the door is open to the possibility the case could be re-opened, that is considered rare. Hallamore said the practice is for the charge to be withdrawn.

Domotor was arrested Nov. 17 last year, as part of what was described as a human trafficking sting operation by Regina police in which 16 people were apprehended. 

Following the arrest, Domotor was removed from the Saskatchewan Party caucus and stripped of his nomination to run in the next provincial election for the party. Premier Scott Moe denounced Domotor’s actions by saying they were “disgusting and vile.” 

Opposition Leader Carla Beck has denounced the government over the charges against Domotor as well as the assault and choking charges laid this past week against Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA Greg Lawrence, who has also left the Sask Party caucus and now sits as an independent. On Wednesday, Beck said “this government should be more focused on fighting crime in this province than committing them.”