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Grant to help spruce up the Trans-Canada Trail in Wakamow Valley

The Trans Canada Trail is the longest recreational trail in the world, spanning over 28,000 km on land and water.
The Trans-Canada trail runs through beautiful Wakamow Valley in Moose Jaw.

MOOSE JAW — As a recipient of the Trans Canada Trail Care Grant Program, the Wakamow Valley Authority has been chosen in this year's annual initiative.  For five years funds have been provided to improve various sections of the Trans Canada Trail, with the grant allowing trail care groups to apply for funds to support maintenance activities or support volunteer efforts.

This grant was announced back in January, with applications closing in February. In this year's application, Wakamow Valley stated their project would include tree trimming, general trail clean-up, and installation of safety rails at a low-level crossing.

The groups that received funding were announced in April awarding 221 grants across Canada totaling $269,250 in trail care. Saskatchewan alone received 20 grants, totaling $25,000, approximately $1,250 per site.

This grant has aided in many aspects of the trail, including cleaning debris, painting signposts, picking up litter, filling potholes, cutting back brush, raking leaves, and opening seasonal bathrooms. Another aspect of this grant is to show appreciation to the invaluable volunteers.

June 1 is being recognized as Canada’s Trail Care Day, coinciding with International Trails Day, and the Trail Care Grant Program is hoping that groups will hold their activities on this day in appreciation of the trails.    

"On June 1st, we decided to commemorate Trail Care Day," explained Kristen Gabora, the Director of Trail Development and Volunteers. "This will be a nationwide celebration of our collective trail care efforts. We have encouraged groups to hold their activities on that day, as it coincides with International Trails Day."

Last year, Wakamow used its funds to hold a Trail Clean-up and Community Gathering on June 3, 2023. Approximately 15 volunteers, board members, and representatives from the Mosaic Potash Company met at Wakamow Valley to clean up the trail by picking up trash and cleaning debris. After the clean-up, the volunteers and attendees celebrated with a barbecue.

The Trans Canada Trail is the longest recreational trail in the world, spanning over 28,000 km on land and water. It links the three oceans and connects 15,000 rural, urban, and Indigenous communities across every province and territory.

"I love the trail so much; I've been with the trail since 2013, and I truly believe in it," explained Gabora. "I just want everyone to embrace it and get out there, feel that connection with the rest of Canada."

To learn more about the Trans Canada Trail Care Grant Program or to see what has been done with this grant in the past, you can visit their website at

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