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Nadine Wilson out, Jon Hromek in as Sask United leader

Leadership change at Sask United Party takes place on final day of Legislative session before the election
With Nadine Wilson in the background, Jon Hromek is introduced as new leader of the Sask United Party.

REGINA - On the final day of the Legislative sitting prior to the provincial election, the Sask United Party has announced it has changed leaders.

Nadine Wilson has resigned as leader, although she said she will stay on as MLA and run for re-election in Saskatchewan Rivers for the party. Effective immediately, the new Sask United leader is Jon Hromek, who finished second as their candidate in the Lumsden-Morse by-election last August and who had served as deputy leader.

“It is with a heartfelt gratitude and spirit brimming with hope that I stand before you today, as I announce my decision to step down from the  leadership of Sask United Party,” Wilson said. “I’m very proud of the progress we have made as a party, battles that we have fought, and the victories we have achieved in such a short time. Together, we have championed causes that matter to the people of the province, and worked to begin the motions to bring the change we desperately need. 

“But as one chapter comes to a close, another one begins. Today I am thrilled to announce that our party will be ushering in a new era of leader ship under the capable guidance of our new leader Jon Hromek. I’ve been working with Jon since the by-election, I’ve been so impressed with him and his natural abilities as a leader, and a problem solver. His vision for the future of Saskatchewan has inspired me to make the decision to pass the torch of leadership to Jon. His dedication, integrity, and unwavering commitment to the people of Saskatchewan have made him a true beacon of hope and inspiration for us all.”

“Today marks a new chapter in our party’s history as I stand before you as the new leader of Saskatchewan United,” said Hromek. He thanked Wilson for her “tireless efforts in establishing Sask United and guiding it through its formative stages,” and thanked her for “paving the way for a brighter future for our beloved province of Saskatchewan.”

“Saskatchewan is our home. It’s a land of boundless opportunity and untapped potential, where the spirit of hard work and resilience run deep in our veins. Our natural resources, energy, and agricultural sectors are the lifeblood of our economy and they need to be cherished and protected, not exploited and ruined. I am proud to come from an industry where problem-solving and ingenuity are the norm. I believe that we can harness the same spirit to bring about positive change in every corner of our province. As a party, we will never take for granted the will of the people or the importance they have to our province. Our job over the next five months is to work hard to show them our vision and earn their vote in the upcoming election. We will not shy away from the tough decisions that lie ahead. I understand the weight of the responsibility that comes with this position. It is a new and exciting journey, definitely a new and exciting journey for me, and one that I am honoured to embark on. Together, we will strive to create a province we can all call proud, a province where opportunity knows no bounds, and a province where the future is bright.”

Hromek takes over as leader of the new party without any official leadership race or any vote by party members. Hromek said there will be a leadership review after the election at the first AGM.

“According to our constitution I would be considered the leader, not the interim leader,” Hromek said. “It’s a five month job interview and the party members will make that decision.”

One question Hromek faced was about his own $200,000 donation to the party. He acknowledged that amount did come from him. 

“When we start a new party, we do need seed capital and that’s why I put it in. I am a firm believer that you put your money where your mouth is and that’s why I did that. For us to raise $500(000) in our first year is fantastic, it’s one-third of what the NDP has done, and basically we’re a brand new party, so I’m good with putting my money where my mouth is in at the same time I’m no different from any other donor or anyone else that gives their time.”

As for candidates, “we have a lot of good candidates. Now we’re going to be outlining them and announcing them in the coming weeks and months, but we have a lot of good candidates already ready to go and we’ve got more coming all the time.”

When asked if the party would contest all 61 ridings, Hromek said “the goal is we’re going to run in as many ridings as we have credible, competent candidates. To our party, competency is one of the number one things and  needs to be at the utmost. Rather than just filling seats, we want to run competent candidates.”